After the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Theresa May announced that she is fully committed to supporting the UK housing Industry and ensuring that they government will get back into creating more houses. The Prime Minister has announced her commitment to reignite home ownership and the Government will be finding an extra £10 billion to invest in the Help to Buy scheme. The increased investment in this scheme should help a further 135,000 people onto the property ladder.

The Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes, John Elliott has been reflecting on the Government’s plans to boost the Help to Buy Scheme as well as Theresa May’s promise to get more people owning their own homes. John has expressed his delight that Theresa May has backed the construction of more houses.

One of the main points in her Party Conference speech was the restoration of hope and improving the current housing market to allow more people the opportunity to buy their own houses. This commitment to improvement is good news for Millwood Designer Homes, a small house building company. It is great to see that the Government will be making a conscious effort to provide the land needed to construct these new houses in order to meet the ambitious targets for new houses that have been set.

The Help to Buy initiative is a way to assist home ownership that is supported by Millwood, and is a great way for first time buyers to get their foot on to the property ladder. The extra funding from the initiative has been announced at the right time by the Prime Minister, and has worked to instill more confidence among first time buyers and home builders, as it was thought that the needed subsidy would be becoming to an end.

John Elliott feels that the extra boost to the Help to Buy initiative and the presentation of a Government committed to help British homebuilders wherever possible will lead to lead to more stability economically as well as stronger confidence in the UK housing market.