Shojin Property Partners Launch Investment Platform


Shojin Property Partners has recently announced the launch of their FCA regulated crowdfunding platform. This platform offers funding solutions to be utilised by property developers. On the 27th September, Shojin launched their new platform that will allow investors the opportunity invest in a range of development projects.

Shojin is a specialist provider of equity funding that offers developers up to90% of the equity required for their project. The platform allows developers to scale and work to diversify their portfolios while at the same time mitigating the risks involved in these types of investments.  

This unique product that has been brought to the market by Shojin aligns that interests with those of their investors The Property Partners business doesn’t charge any fees but co-invests their own money for each development project. Shojin works this way in order to offer additional support and to help maximise the profits that are gained from each investment.

Each of the developments invested in by Shojin Property Partners is handpicked and then undergoes three different levels of due diligence before then being presented to the platform for potential investors to look into. The co-founders behind Shojin come from a development and investment background and, therefore, have a wealth of knowledge in regards to what developers need. Shojin ensures that they share the profits of the investment at the back end with the developers and work with them in order to make sure that the maximum available profit is reached and risk is mitigated.

The platform seeks to bring together experienced investors and those who are looking to invest in property. The company has a number of high net worth investors on their database that are searching for projects to invest in. The company has worked in the past on a range of large development projects is as short a time as just two weeks.


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