FM Conway goes the safe way with Trime lighting towers


Leading infrastructure services company FM Conway has been working with Trime UK limited to develop a smart lighting tower that sets a new bar in health and safety.

In line with its focus on innovation, the business – which operates across London and the south of England – identified the need for a safety feature to guard against towers becoming unstable in a site environment.

Paul Cerexhe, Head of Plant and Workshops at FM Conway explained, “We are aware that most lighting tower suppliers offer a safety system that prevents a tower light unit being moved whilst the mast is in the upright position.  However, in keeping with our ultimate site safety ethos, we wanted to create an additional system, just for our own use, that would only allow the mast to be erected if the stabiliser legs had been properly deployed.”

Paul and his team approached leading lighting manufacturer, Trime UK and outlined its specific requirements. To comply with this request, Trime engineers set about developing a series of sensors attached to each of the stabiliser legs that relayed back to the control panel confirming that the legs were in position prior to the lifting of the main mast. Following several successful trials, FM Conway confirmed an order for 16 of Trime’s X-ECO LED lighting towers fitted with this individual accessory.

Another deciding factor why FM Conway decided to invest in the X-ECO is its market leading environmental benefits. X-ECO LED is an energy saving lighting tower with many sustainable features built-in as standard. Trime has calculated that the X-ECO uses approximately £336.00 less in fuel each month, when compared to many lighting sets currently available. These savings equate to a reduction in C02 output by around 888kg per month. Thirteen X-ECOs can be loaded on one single truck which potentially means less traffic on the already busy UK highway network and potentially reduced delivery costs for users of Trime sets.

“Keeping an open mind when we receive specific requests from organisations is just one of many factors that have pushed us on as a market leader in the manufacture of site lighting towers,” says Paul Hay, Trime (UK) Limited, Managing Director. Paul Hay continued, “We were pleased that we could work with FM Conway to satisfy their particular requirement. It is a testament to their focus on providing added safety features on the equipment they supply to site.”

Trime has significant knowledge in the lighting tower market with individuals completing over 50 years of experience in developing and marketing environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the construction and rental markets. Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, FM Conway delivers construction and maintenance services for roads, buildings, structures and public spaces across London and the south east.  The business has over 50 years’ experience in championing innovation to drive cost efficiencies for public and private sector clients.


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