NEC Webinar to Tackle the Collaboration Issue


NEC would like to invite all civil engineering, construction and infrastructure project managers to the NEC webinar entitled ‘Enhancing performance through collaboration’ on the 28th of March. The aim of the seminar is to enhance understanding of the cost and time efficiencies of collaborative working and to persuade project managers to abandon the widespread ‘fear of failure’ that prevents the collaborative approach from happening.

Simon Vaughan, Managing Director at JCP Consultancy Limited will be hosting the free-to-attend webinar alongside Robert Gerrard, NEC Consultant and NEC Users’ Group Secretary and together will provide tactical advice on creating the right conditions for collaboration between project partners, mitigating risks and achieving the benefits of a more collaborative approach.

Additionally, the webinar will also highlight how the industry can effectively plan and prepare for such a change. The call for greater collaboration comes at a time of significant pressure on the industry to modernise following the high profile collapse of Carillion.

“While companies are already aware they should support more collaborative attitudes to projects, they don’t always take the steps to do so,” said Simon, who believes that a collaborative approach depends not only on contracts but also on people’s behaviours and mindsets.

“The construction and engineering industry often finds itself clinging to long-held traditions and practices that they’re used to, mainly out of a fear of failure. While embracing collaboration may be breaking with tradition for some, it is vital,” he continued.

“Integrating the entire supply team for large complex projects can lead to a much deeper collaboration, bound common interests and reduced grounds for dispute, allowing all parties to work together in achieving client objectives, and sharing the risks and benefits of doing so.”

The NEC webinar will be taking place on the 28th of March at 1pm and those wishing to register can do so by visit:


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