Andura Exterior Coating Transforms Home


Nina Bressington decided to change the outside appearance of her property in Bristol, which had a red brick exterior like many ex-local authority houses. She chose an Andura coating due to its durability, the no maintenance required and the 20 year guarantee, as well as the professionalism of Andy Gazzard at Protective Wall Coatings, a Registered Andura Contractor, to carry out the work.

“I had a friend who had a similar Andura coating done to their house which had lasted extremely well, compared with a neighbour’s house which had been just painted, and was already flaking after a couple of years,” said Nina.

The property is a 1940’s three bedroom semi-detached house, located in a great residential area. Nina has modernised the interior and more recently added a conservatory to the rear, a front porch and a side extension. It was after these additions in March 2018 that Protective Wall Coatings were brought in and the whole job took just five days on site to complete.

When Protective Wall Coatings came to look at the mortar joints and brick faces, there would have been a lot of repairs to do in re-mortaring and so the Andura process was to be a much more effective solution. There was some preparation and repair to be done to the outer surfaces and then the first stage was to apply the GRC base coat, a high performance, breathable polymer render (unlike sand and cement) which gives increased flexibility.

As the mortar joints were deep, two coats of GRC were applied, the first a rough coat then a finer flatter coat. Once this base coat had cured, the top coat of Andura Trowel & Roll coating was applied. Protective Wall Coatings find that this coating gives a thicker application and then they use a nylon roller for downward texture ensuring that when it rains, the water runs off and the surface is self-cleaning.

Andura’s Trowel & Roll coating gives an attractive textured appearance and has been specifically formulated for the protection and decoration of brick, cement renders and many other masonry surfaces. It provides a hard wearing, long lasting and beautiful finish to keep exterior walls in top condition. Andura Trowel & Roll coating comes in 16 standard colours, plus a colour matching service is available. It is a solvent-borne high performance acrylic coating conforming to Building Regulations. Andura is accredited to IS0 9001:2015 quality management standards.


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