Architectural Proposals Bring the Modern City to Earthly Roots


Urbanisation is something that is now more or less natural in modern society. Cities are something that a large chunk of the population live in, work in or at least visit from time to time.

Vincent Callebaut Architects, France, have been taking a stand in recent years to bring the modern city back to earthly roots, by implementing designs for a variety of high rise buildings that would redefine Paris as no longer just the City of Love, but a sustainable, green utopia.

Despite the majority of people viewing Paris as a much desired place for tourism, one that casts beauty and grace in the form of the Eiffel Tower and homemade croissants, Paris has within it huge amounts of housing and density issues.

The new city proposal is known as Paris Smart City 2050, and is devised from the idea that high rise buildings will utilise a variety of self-sustaining technologies, such as rain retention systems for irrigation, insulating bio-facades that create bio-fuel, and photo-sensitive electro-chemical shells that use sunlight to generate electricity.

An architectural proposal unlike any other, the Smart City design consists of Phylolights, in which devices use wind turbines to provide lighting and energy across to other buildings.

Every single one of the structures aims to be energy positive (BEPOS) certified which in turn, over time, will produce more energy than they are able to consumer, delivering huge positive impacts in the way of climate change and city sustainability.

The most popular city in France could be getting a makeover in the way of environmental care any time, and if plans were to go ahead, the idea stands that an Eco-friendly city could be in motion by 2050. The new Paris will look like a sci-fi fantasy, through stacked vertical farms (farmscrapers) , honeycomb towers and green towers wrapped in bamboo mesh that hold orchards and vertical food gardens.

Although plans have not been implemented into practise, they have been in discussion since 2015 and with climate change growing ever nearer irreversible damage, proposals such as Smart City at least offer acknowledgement that there are options in attempting to create sustainable, functional spaces, beneficial for both man and planet.

Smart City aims to combat climate change with green designs that still maintain Paris’ rich, architectural past.


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