Construction of Leisure Centres – The UK’s Increasing Demand


The sports and leisure industries within the UK are booming. More people than ever before are choosing to focus on their health and fitness, thanks in part to inspiring role models within the sector. Boxing and fitness classes are becoming particularly popular, yet space for these types of facilities is now limited.

Consequently, the construction industry is seeing a demand for leisure centres and sports clubs. Here, we’ll look at the rise in the demand for sports clubs and leisure centres and how it benefits other businesses.

Sports clubs continue to grow

Last year, the Sports Club Survey Report discovered that sports clubs in England were continuing to grow despite numerous challenges. Over half of clubs that responded to the survey, claimed they expected their adult memberships to continue to increase. There was also an interesting rise in the number of volunteers working within sports centres, showing the love of sports isn’t just tied to money.

The challenges of building sports and leisure centres

Although the rise in the demand for sports and leisure centres is increasing, there are challenges construction workers face when building these types of buildings. A lot of the new sports clubs require a unique, modern construction, rather than a standard generic layout. They are more specialised buildings, ranging greatly in size from single gymnasiums to large stadiums.

Even the refurbishment of older facilities can be a complex construction process. Just some of the issues involved in the building of sports clubs and leisure centres include high up-front costs and long project completion.

How the increase in demand benefits other sectors

There may be challenges within the construction of additional sports clubs and leisure centres. However, the rise in demand is having benefits on other sectors. Companies which supply fitness equipment are seeing an increase in business, as are those which supply facilities for the buildings such as JLA. An additional benefit is that these new clubs and leisure centres require new staff to keep them running. So, personal trainers are seeing an increase in demand too.

However, the wider benefits are even more remarkable. As there is an increase in demand for sports and leisure facilities, it means a lot of people are focused on getting fitter. This is obviously a great benefit for society as a whole. It also means less pressure will be placed onto the NHS eventually as obesity levels drop. Obviously, this isn’t a benefit that’s going to happen overnight, but it is a promising sign that people are getting fitter and healthier.

Overall, sports clubs and leisure centres are becoming more popular in the UK. While there may be challenges building and running new facilities, this increase in demand is delivering a lot of benefits to associated sectors too.


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