Don’t go it alone – how to take the stress out of moving home this year


Moving is often described as one of the most stressful things you can do in life, especially if you have come to be settled in one place and have picked up a lot of possessions without realising. These must all be gotten rid of or moved. Below are some of the best ways to take the stress out of moving.

Go minimalist while you sort your possessions

It is easy when moving to be intimidated and to just jump right in and try getting everything packed up room by room without a plan beyond, for example, “kitchen, bathroom, bedroom”. However, if you go down this route then it is likely that after one day’s packing you will find that you have half the house still to do the next day but no cutlery, cooking equipment or toothbrush!

To avoid being short of the essentials, plan a minimalist survival kit for a couple of days, of the kind you might take on a camping trip: toiletries bag, plate, cup and fork, phone, phone charger and headphones. This is just an example list, but consider what you can go without. If you are happy to order takeaway or a delivery service that means you can pack away all crockery and your microwave. If you need tea or coffee to get through the day, you can either keep your kettle out through the packing process and pack it last, or hold off and get coffee later in the day made somewhere else. If you are travelling to another country you should get rid of any unnecessary belongings since long distance moving companies are more expensive than local ones for transport space.

See what you can live without

Moving house will always take work, but you can make it a chance to declutter and make your new home a tidier place. Once you have your necessities sorted for the sorting and packing process, go through your house room by room, starting by the place you go least often and think carefully about how much you use each of its contents. If for example you bought an exercise bike that does not get much use, you may want to think about whether your new house puts you at a distance to cycle to the shops, or even to work.

Selling and giving away old possessions is easier than ever in this day and age as you can give things of decent quality away to either charity shops or online sharing services. If you find it hard to get rid of something try picturing where in your new home it would conveniently go. If it is hard to imagine this can be a sign the item should go. If you start in the room you visit least you will likely get into the mindset of shedding things as you go through the house and come to items you have more of a sentimental attachment to but do not use.

Find the best, most efficient movers in your area

When you are ready to move, with the things you need and want, don’t leave the move up to chance. Use a comparison site such as compare the man and van to ensure you get trusted and reliable movers who handle your belongings with care. These services can also give you a clearer idea of the average prices of movers in your area, so you can spot a good deal.


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