What Makes the Best Vacuum Systems in Furniture Industry?


For bettering your business, you have to focus on each aspect regardless of how small it may seem. This applies to all kind of companies and furniture is not an exception. You probably think that provided you are waking up early, heading to your workshop and having as many pieces completed in a day, you are good to go. Have you thought about cleanliness? Nothing beats the power of a clean working environment. It is beneficial to both your employees and incoming customers. There are some great vacuums on the market these days, ones that are prefect for office use, check out these recommendations from

The furniture industry involves lots of dust which can be hard to handle especially if you lack the necessary equipment for the job. Luckily with dust extractors, you are good to go. A clean and dust free environment will not only attract people to your space, but also, it enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of your employees. It minimizes the risks for falling sick and in return reduces absenteeism.

You should, however, note that with the numerous vacuum systems in the market, you should take your time to select the system that fits your business. How do you that? Here are some crucial aspects to consider when getting a dust extraction system to ensure that you find one that suits your needs.

  • What are your dust control needs?

Every dust extraction situation is different. In your case, you will be collecting wood chips, and it is, therefore, essential that you understand the dust and the process of creating it. This can help you determine how much air volume is required to control and capture the produced dust.  For example, is the dust generated continuously or is it only present under upset conditions? How many hours per day do you run the process associated with dust production? Considering these aspects will help you determine the capacity of the vacuum system required to control the dust fully

  • Consider convenience

The primary goal of getting the extractor is so it can help you eliminate the dust chops faster and more conveniently. You do not want to work with something that only makes the experience harder and enables you to save no time. The right vacuum system will integrate each component to make it super operational meaning that it is self-contained and with only one command, you are good to go. Get a system that can conveniently help you eliminate all the dust as you work on maximizing your productivity.

  • Check the safety measures

Machines can be complicated. Being a carpenter, you may not understand a lot regarding such equipment such as dust extraction system. Ensure that what you choose is easy to use and has not safety complications. You do not want to put your workplace at risk. Remember that you will be having workers and customers coming in time to time, and the last thing you want are accidents as that will lead to further unplanned expenses.

  • Cost

The cost will always be a factor to consider when getting any items. Get a system that you can comfortably afford. Furniture business will involve a considerable running capital and if you can minimize such costs by getting a reasonably affordable vacuum system for the furniture industry, the better.

With these factors in mind, you will undoubtedly get a system that perfectly works for you, and you can be assured of a convenient working environment which will in return increase production and sales.


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