Easy Ways to Do a Living Room Remodel on a Budget

Are you fed up with the way your house or apartment looks? Every day, you spend time in an environment that has been looking the same for as long as you can remember. This can easily get to you and you may begin to feel frustrated and in need of some change. If these are your feelings exactly, it’s high time you redecorated your place. However, since not all of us have a lot of money just lying around for a quick remodel, we need to find another way to make it work. One idea is to focus on your living room as this is the place you spend most of your conscious time in and also the place where you relax and have fun. Despite the fact that even a single room redesign can be quite pricy, here’s how you can do it and save some bucks.


Whenever you’re bored with the look of your interior, the first and easiest thing to do is repaint something. It’s the real Australian way and it’s very effective and quite affordable, especially if you decide to do it yourself. You don’t need to repaint the whole room. It can just be one wall or you can create some kind of artwork to be the focal point of your living room. Wallpapers are also a cool option to consider. You’re free to go nuts here and it’s all for a small amount of money. If you want to make a drastic change of colors, that’s fine too, just make sure to prepare the walls for a radical color change by scraping them and putting the right foundation on.

Make room and declutter

Another source of dissatisfaction may be a living room that is too crowded with unnecessary stuff. Start cleaning up and be ruthless. If you don’t know where to put certain items, it may be because you just need to throw them away. On the other hand, if you’re too emotionally attached, store them in a box and shove them in a cupboard or a storage room. Also, if you have an armchair that takes up too much space and is never used, get rid of it. You can put it in another room or just give it away. Another great space-saving idea is to mount your TV. If you do that, you can absolutely lose the TV shelf and clear more space. Just make sure to do it right. Most Australians hire professional TV installation in Adelaide to do the job for them as it can get quite dangerous if the TV isn’t mounted properly.

Revamp the furniture

Getting new furniture can cost an arm and a leg. While there are cheaper options such as the flea market or searching for discounts, there are even more affordable options you can choose. For instance, if your couch is in good condition, there’s no reason to replace it. Instead, you can just reupholster it to go with your new walls and the new look you have in mind for your room. You can also use sandpaper and paint to create a new look for your tables and shelves. Pillows can play an important role here as well, as they’re not expensive but can make a significant change in the aesthetics of the room.

All in all, a lot can be done with good will and a bit of imagination. So, next time you’re feeling sad because your home looks boring, get some ideas and start the adventure. You’ll be so proud of yourself having redecorated the living room yourself that you’ll enjoy its appearance for many days to come.


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