Guide to Home Décor and Renovation: Pros & Cons, Costs and Ideas

Trends in home décor keep changing year after year, and you really have to be quick to catch them all. They shift depending on the season, which means decorating tips in spring are different from those in fall. So, if you are currently in the process of decorating your living space and wish to accentuate the home décor with some cool renovation ideas that are popular for this season, here’s what you should take into consideration, and how much some of these things might cost you.

New kitchen countertop

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas in every home, so it has to be perfect. After all, this is where the family gathers for meals and where you could even welcome your guests. The first thing everyone notices is the countertop, so replace it with a newer, trendier one. There are a lot of options you could explore when it comes to prices, materials, colors and styles, but be prepared to pay up to $200 for a square foot of a quality countertop. Determine your budget to see how much you can spend, then plan your purchase accordingly.

New kitchen cabinets

After updating the countertop, it’s time to pay attention to the cabinets as well. Again, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to materials, colors, shapes and types of cabinets, and all of these things affect the price, too. The amount most homeowners spend on cabinets ranges between $2.000 and $5.000, but you can always add a few more things into the mix if you want to make your kitchen extra special. Corner cabinets, curved cabinets and floor-to-ceiling cabinets cost a bit more, so make the design first and specify the budget before moving forward with the plans.

New flooring

This is the thing that most people avoid when it comes to renovating and decorating their home because it’s such a large project. Living in a home with poor flooring is terrible, and anyone who’s ever been in that situation will tell you the same. So, what can you do? Some of the most popular options include hardwood floors, laminate flooring and tiles, and the price depends on the material, the size and whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional. Overall, you could spend up to $5.000 on an average-sized home. Whichever idea you opt for, you can take it to a completely new level with a warm and colorful rug that complements other colors in your home and makes it more welcoming.

New bathroom features

This is another room that gives you comfort and joy, but it’s also a space that’s usually rather small and often forgotten when it comes to huge home renovation projects. However, if you give your bathroom a little love, you’ll be making a good investment because you’ll feel cozy in it every day of the week. The cost of a complete bathroom makeover can pile up to $10.000, but if you keep it smart and simple and focus on just a few things instead of going all in, you could save a ton of cash. Some of the things you might want to introduce are new cabinets, and you could also replace your bath with a shower, lay new tiles and install new fixtures – this way, your bathroom will look amazing after just a couple of days, and you won’t have to spend every dime you have.

New décor

Once you’ve updated and renovated all these things, it’s time to make your home pretty and introduce some décor into the picture. Doing it room by room is always the best way to go as this method allows you to control the costs and always stay on top of your budget. The prices for new décor in every room of the house can go up to $50.000 for the most high-end projects, but you could also pick more moderate ideas and spend much less money that way. Don’t forget that home décor is all about the style and appearance, not about money, so spend as much as you have to until you’re completely satisfied with the way your home looks and feels.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home and adding new décor to it, be prepared to spend as much as $100.000 if you wish to make a complete transformation. This is quite a lot of cash, especially if you’re doing several things at the same time, but just imagine how amazing it would be to live in a completely renovated place that’s recently been brought up to your own personal standards.


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