Harnessing that satisfaction that only building can give you #iBuiltThis2019

The #iBuiltThis2019 competition is open for entries. The competition, run by FIS, now in its third year, is a visual campaign that draws on the pride construction workers take when they see finished projects that they have worked on – harnessing the “I Built This” feeling to promote construction as a career choice.

The competition platform goes live on 13 June and entries will close on 15 September with the winners announced at the awards ceremony at UK Construction Week on 8 October 2019.

FIS CEO, Iain McIlwee stated, “The construction industry employs around 3.1 million people, that equates to one in ten people working in the UK. #iBuiltThis is about celebrating this through social media. It is something that everyone in construction can get behind. We’ve focussed on making it simple. This launch is a call to action to individuals and companies to take #iBuiltThis and make it your own, use it to highlight excellent work one of your new starters or apprentices has done, as an initiative to help engage with your local school, college or even Scout group, make entering an activity for a young person on work experience or encourage your own children to enter – use it to help those around you to understand the joy that can be found in making and building, making a mark on the future landscape of the UK.”

To encourage young people to get involved, the competition has been divided into three age groups with some fabulous prizes to be won: 13 and under (family trip to Legoland with an overnight stay at Castle Hotel, 14-18 (an iPhone XR) and 19 plus (a getaway for two adults in one of Canopy & Stars exclusive properties in the UK). We would like entrants to share a photo of themselves (selfie) with the image of a completed project they have built, or helped to build and enter on the competition platform when it opens on 13 June.

FIS is encouraging schools and colleges to get fully engaged with and run their own mini #iBuiltThis competitions and enter the finalists and winners via a secure platform. A special prize for the most engaged school or college will be awarded to the institution that makes the most entries.

The competition is open to everyone who has a passion for building, construction, design, fit-out, interiors and more. Entrants are encouraged to be as creative as possible, whether it’s a model, a physical structure, building, drawing or even a digital design using software. They are free to use any material for their build.

This year’s competition sponsors include, UK Construction Week, Silver Trowel Ltd, Building Heroes, CSCS, Astins Ltd and Michel Mersh Brick Holdings Plc.

We also have an exclusive line-up on the judging panel consisting of industry leaders, advocates and educators who are backing this competition. The diversity the judging panel bring demonstrate how collaboration across the industry can help us to reach out to a wider audience and present construction as an attractive industry, full of opportunity and diversity of careers for young people and new entrants.
This year’s judging panel:

• Alison Watson MBE – Founder and chief executive of Class of Your Own
• Brendan Williams – CEO of Building Heroes
• Fred Mills – Co-Founder and managing director of The B1M channel
• Kathryn Lennon-Johnson – Founder and director of Built Environment Skills in Schools (BESS)
• Mark Farmer – industry advocate and Founding director and CEO of Cast Consultancy
• Naomi Hamilton – winner of IBT2018 – 14-18 age category contest – will be in attendance
• Rebecca Lovelace – Founder of Building People
• Steve Coley – FIS immediate past president and FIS Skills Board member

The competition will be judged on the best creative picture and best response to the question asked within each age category. The public vote will make up 50% of the overall scores. The remaining 50% of the scores will be ranked in order by the judging panel.

Alison Watson MBE, Founder and chief executive of Class of Your Own said “I am thrilled to be involved in #iBuiltThis 2019 competition, it’s a great way to engage with people of all ages, especially young people and inspire them to use their skills in building and showcasing the projects they are proud of. I would encourage everybody to enter, especially schools and colleges. I am looking forward to seeing all the brilliant entries for this competition”.
For more information about #iBuiltThis2019 competition, sponsorship or you would like to get involved and become Competition Ambassadors: email or visit our website page on:


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