Sustainable Design Ideas: The Earth-Friendly Kitchen

The eco-friendly movement made its way in almost all aspects of our lives. The people deciding to join this noble cause range from those who are completely ride-or-die when it comes to embracing the green mentality to those who simply are willing to change certain behavioral patterns but are not willing to make some larger sacrifices and convert all the way.

That being said, we can notice a significant increase in people embracing eco-friendly designs in their homes and living environments. This probably stems from the fact that we, humans – as a race – have moved so much away from the nature we originally came from, that we are now looking for ways to come back to it and embrace it once more as much as possible.

Since we already know that the kitchen is the heart of every home and we are now increasingly striving towards embracing nature, it only makes sense that we want to make our kitchen designs eco-friendlier as well. Here are some ideas worth considering.

Start from the ground up

Just like you wouldn’t start building a home from the roof down, you shouldn’t start any redecoration project with anything other than your floors. When it comes to sustainable flooring solutions, reclaimed wood is one of the better ways to go. However, finding enough reclaimed wood can prove to be really difficult. That’s why you should definitely consider going with concrete floors, especially in areas such as the kitchen. These are very durable and easy to maintain, and they can be so versatile you definitely won’t have any difficulties picking the right fit for your desired final look.

Decide on the color scheme

Next, once your flooring solution is set in place, you should focus on the other base of your design – the walls. Depending on the vibe and design you’re going for, you probably already have a color scheme in mind. However, in order to stay on the eco-friendly track here, it’s important to note that you should pay special attention to the type of paint you choose to go with as well. Zero-VOC and lead-free paints are the ones you should choose for this project as they are safe both for the environment and the people living in your household – yourself included.

Add shelter for your dishes

Kitchen cabinets are something many associate with being pricey and usually not very eco-conscious to make. However, this way of thinking is very, very wrong, especially when talking about built-in or fitted kitchen cabinets. With these, you can go with an iron or stainless-steel base construction and the only other materials you’ll have to use will be the ones used for kitchen cabinet fronts and countertops. However, do know that you will have to specify clearly that you want to go with this type of kitchen cabinets, as they are still a relatively new concept and not many people are familiar with the idea.

Chose work surfaces with care

And now comes the fun part – countertops, sinks and other work surfaces. When sinks are concerned, you should definitely go with the ones made of natural stone, as they are super easy to make and look absolutely stunning. Recycled glass is becoming an increasingly popular option for countertops. The reason behind this is the fact that not only are they super sturdy but they also offer a range of color combos and finishes that can fit right in with any kitchen design. Finally, chopping boards are also something you should be very careful when buying. Plastic cutting boards that are most commonly used in households are not very good for either the users or the environment, as they can contain some harsh chemicals, among other things. That’s why you should always try to go with wooden chopping boards that are not only safe to use but look absolutely stunning. That’s why you should look for a charcuterie board for sale and use it both as a nifty kitchen tool and a décor piece when it’s not being used. You can even buy multiple of these and hang them on your kitchen wall so that they can serve the aesthetic purpose as well.

Make it light and bright

Finally, the lighting in your kitchen must be top-notch. Since the kitchen is the place most commonly filled with sharp objects, hot surfaces and boiling-hot food it’s only normal that you do all in your power to make this area as bright as possible. To stay as eco-friendly and as energy efficient as possible, invest in equipping your lighting fixtures with LED light bulbs. Not only are these very eco-friendly but they are also excellent at mimicking natural light.

So, if you are looking to create a sustainable design in your kitchen and make it as eco-friendly as possible, start by implementing some of these changes.


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