6 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Working from home has so many perks: you don’t have to worry about nosy co-workers or an overly-demanding boss. Everything can be done on your own terms as long as you do finish your tasks on time. Working from bed can be tempting, but it can also impact your productivity, therefore it’s much better to have your own office where you’ll be able to work in peace. A home office can increase your productivity and help you work harder, so here are some tips for designing it to suit your needs.

Get rid of distractions

Decluttering can be extremely beneficial if you want to stay on track. A home office is supposed to be a place for work, not for lounging, so make sure to remove all the clutter and junk and make it functional. Having too many decor pieces can be distracting, instead, add one or two elements in a tray like this one and keep the rest minimalist. Use the shelves for files, folders, and books, and if you have a lot of documents, get some paper trays where you can put all the paperwork. Make your desk as clean as possible, so you’ll be able to focus on work. By doing so, you’ll have a more relaxing and comfortable work ambiance at home.

Get a comfortable chair

Having a comfortable chair is essential if you want to avoid back pain and stiffness. There are many types of chairs, so before you purchase, try at least two or three until you find the one that’s comfortable. You can choose a specifically colored chair that matches your office vibe, but when it comes to office chairs, you should always prioritize your own comfort. When picking a chair, make sure that the backrest is adjustable and follow the shape of the spine. Plus, if you have a carpet, make sure that your chair has wheels made for carpet, so it will be easy for you to move around, especially whenever you need to reach something from the chair.

It is a good idea to invest in an ergonomic office chair so you may prevent suffering from various postural and other musculoskeletal health problems.

Take a look at the following tips when choosing an ergonomic office chair for your work-from-home setting:

  • Choose Adjustable Armrests: With adjustable armrests, your arms can rest comfortably and your shoulders are more relaxed. Your lower arms and elbows rest will lightly, too. To ensure proper posture, your forearm shouldn’t be lying on the armrest while you’re typing.
  • Seat Height: Select an ergonomic office chair with adjustable seat height, which is one with a pneumatic adjustment lever. The seat height should range from 16 to 21 inches to leave your feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.
  • Choose One With A Swivel: Pick an ergonomic chair that could easily rotate so you can easily reach different areas on your desk without causing strains.
  • Backrest: When it comes to the chair’s backrest, it should be around 12 to 19 inches wide. The backrest should be height and angle adjustable if it’s separated from the seat. 
  • Seat Depth And Width: Comfortably sit with 17 to 20 inches wide as the standard width. The depth (measurement from front to back) needs to be enough to sit with your back against the ergonomic office chair’s back (leaving 2 to 4 inches between your knees and the chair seat). 
  • Lumbar Support: Look for an ergonomic chair with good lower back support. Because the lumbar spine curves inward, the natural curve can be flattened when sitting for a long period due to slouching. Avoid straining your spine by choosing an ergonomic chair with a lumbar adjustment to get the proper fit and support your lower back.
  • Seat Material: Choose an ergonomic office chair material with enough padding for your comfort, most especially if you will be working for long hours. 

Shelves will give you more space

Aside from looking good, shelves can help you reorganize your office and make it look tidier. If you feel like you need some extra space, you should consider investing in durable and quality shelving. Having a place to put away all your books and heavy folders can greatly improve your home office and make it look more business-like, which is important if you have clients coming over. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can play with different designs and materials so your shelf will look more interesting.

Decorate wisely

Maybe some people prefer cramped working spaces, but for maximum productivity, you should aim for less is more principle. Adding some paintings you love will enrich your space and make it look more homely and stylish. Getting some potted plants can have benefits, so be sure to choose those that fit with your office and are also easy to maintain. Besides, a nice round rug will add make your home office look more like a pleasant living room, so feel free to buy one that is easy on the eye and soft.

Keep it well-lit

Whether you work during the day or night, your home office needs to be properly lit so you’ll avoid straining your eyes. If you prefer daytime, ensure that you have enough natural light coming in. To make it happen, get quality windows and position your home office in a way that you’ll be close to the light source. Add curtains or blinds that are light and easy to adjust. And during the night, make sure you have enough lamps so you’ll be able to work without feeling disturbed by the lack of light.

Get a meeting area

If you have clients, it’s important to have space where you can sit and talk to them without being distracted. Ideally, a meeting area is a room separate from your office, but in case you can’t afford it, you can use a corner in your office where you’ll place a small table and two chairs that will be used for accommodating clients and visitors. That way you can have two different spaces within one for different purposes, which can actually improve your productivity and concentration.

Each person is different and has different needs, so naturally, your home office should reflect your personality. Make it functional, but also, add furniture and elements that make you happy. After all, you’re the one who will use it, so feel free to do anything you like.


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