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Project savings. Local expertise. Added value from day one. Our standard of service is anything but standard.

Extra Innovation

At Aggreko we don’t just manufacture our own temporary power systems, we ensure they all effortlessly work and talk with each other. We don’t simply react to issues, we use intelligent telemetry systems to proactively prevent problems from happening. And to help our customers dial up or down their power requirements we offer smart facilities such as load sharing. However, our innovation doesn’t end there:

  • Only rental company to manufacture own equipment
  • Onboard control systems to adapt load to suit demand
  • Remote Operations Centre offering 24/7 monitoring
  • The only brand to offer a natural gas rental solution  

Extra Reliability

When it comes to ensuring reliability, you’ll find no one is more testing than Aggreko. That’s because we double-check every little detail and conduct rigorous performance and function tests before returning it to the field. Then there’s our thorough testing in the hottest and coldest environments on earth to ensure adverse weather never has an adverse impact on your temporary power supply. Other examples of our industry-leading reliability include:

  • Aggreko Remote Monitoring for optimised efficiency
  • Tailored testing for each and every unique setting
  • Comprehensive pre-delivery inspection

Extra Efficiency

At Aggreko we understand that efficiency is king on every project and every site. It’s why we take pride in providing temporary power solutions that deliver industry-leading cost, fuel and operational efficiency, as well as the flexibility to adjust your power levels on demand. Furthermore, as we manufacture our own equipment you can be confident every system works and talks effortlessly with each other. Here are just a few ways we further boost efficiency:

  • Intelligent onboard control systems
  • Optimised fuel consumption via load on demand
  • Latest emission technology for Clean Air Zone compatibility
  • Latest renewable, hybrid and battery technologies

Extra Expertise

With Aggreko you don’t simply get a product. You get an industry-leading design package, a comprehensive plan, not to mention the support of our skilled electrical and mechanical engineers. Furthermore, our engineers are not just specialists in installing and running equipment – they’re experts in designing project-specific solutions. So, don’t be afraid to put them to the test.

  • 170 in-house sales and service specialists
  • Purpose-built equipment for the rental market
  • Technology Centre of Excellence
  • Continuous Professional Development courses

Extra Reassurance

We believe temporary power systems should come with the same peace of mind as permanent systems. So, whether you require reliable cabin power, high voltage prime power or a load testing service, you’ll always find our temporary solutions consistently dependable. In fact, we’re the only power generation company in the UK that has full ISO 45001 accreditation across all our products. Other examples of the extra reassurance we provide include:

  • Extensive in-house training
  • World’s first rental company to achieve CEMARS
  • ISO 45001, 9001, 14001 and 25001 accredited
  • 89% of customers use us again

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