What You Should Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Equipment

Starting a construction project can be a daunting task. There are so many things that you need to consider to complete your numerous building tasks. On that note, often big jobs require the use of a wide array of equipment. These pieces include road sweepers, dumpers, telehandlers, rollers, shovels, and attachments. FGS Plant is a UK based construction company that has a wide range of utilities available for quick order. With our competitive hire rates, flexible hire periods, free site survey, and telephone support, we are the premier destination for purchasing or considering equipment for your constructional needs. Despite the wide variety of construction companies in the UK, FGS plant is specific in the fact that we are dedicated to providing you with quality service to fulfill your personal and professional goals. We have a broad range of plant available to hire. Whatever your requirements, FGS Plant guarantees to meet your needs and surpass your requirements. 

Things to Consider When Looking For the Plant Hire Services: 

Most companies have come to understand that there are many benefits associated with selecting to work with a plant hire service. Employing a plant hire service can help them save money because they can rent as opposed to buying expensive constructional equipment. Despite the apparent economic benefit of hiring a plant hire service, one must consider additional factors when looking to purchase equipment. With that said, purchasing any piece of equipment comes with obligations that we all need to be made aware of. 

The first thing to do before hiring a plant hire service, is to do your research. Before purchasing equipment or engaging in a professional plant hire service you must understand what your end goals are. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from pairing with a company that does not have the skills or resources to meet your constructional needs. 

Also, credibility is another factor to consider. You must ask yourself, “How do the majority of people rate this plant hire service?” If you discover that a majority of people have had a negative interaction with the company, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. If you’re looking to engage with a plant hire Kent company then consider FGS Plant. 

On that note, the age of equipment and delivery time are also things to consider. Old building equipment can be a hazard to you and those around you. The state of the material you are receiving can also be the difference between establishing a safe environment or a hazardous one. Having the latter will lead to countless lawsuits and inconvenience on your company and its employees. Furthermore, depending on when you want your project completed, a plant hire service’s delivery time is a significant element. It is best to avoid companies that will not respect your time in regards to completing projects. Understanding the relationship a company has with time-sensitive projects is something to consider strongly before hiring a plant hire service. 

Requirements Every Plant Hire Services Should Meet:

Not many people know this, but there are some aspects that all plant hire services should meet. One of these requirements states that all equipment must have a risk assessment or method statement carried out before being used. This risk assessment component is to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the construction process. All building equipment must have a qualified person in charge of the operation to ensure that the project is running smoothly without situations that could harm people. Finally, all equipment must have sufficient insurance cover for all personnel involved, members of the public, machinery and for each item being used. 


Since 2004, FGS Plant has become a leader in the South East but supplying a wide range of equipment to major contractors throughout the area. We are not like other suppliers; our goal is to exceed your expectations so that you can produce the best results. More ever, besides providing top-notch service, our equipment and staff meet the highest standards demanded by the Construction industry. When working with FGS Plant, you are guaranteed to receive professional service that promptly meets all of your building requirements.


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