6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean and Organized


Keeping your living room clean and organized is not just about the aesthetics. After all, it’s a room where you entertain most of your guests, where your family can bond, and where you’re most likely to spend a larger part of your day. With all that in mind, you want everybody to feel comfortable in it, and for that to happen, it has to be clean, functional, and easy on the eyes. So, to help you keep your living room organized and tidy, here are a few tips you should follow.

Keep things off the flat surfaces

Papers, magazines, remotes, pens, and other smaller items can easily make your flat surfaces messy. So, make sure everything in your home has its designated spot when not in use – and make it a habit to return everything to its spot when you’re done using it. So, for your papers and magazines, you should have files or magazine holders, and for your pens, you should add some pen holders or even mugs. You can easily find storage solutions that can serve as decoration as well, and it’s also something you can be creative with if you like DIY projects.

Think about multifunctional items

Speaking of having a designated spot for all your items, to have that, you need to actually have enough free spots. So, when choosing your furniture, opt for pieces that double as storage. For example, your coffee table should have some storage underneath for things like remotes, coasters, and other things you need around the table. You can also find armchairs and sofas with hidden storage underneath in case your living room is a bit smaller and you could use that extra space.

Use the vertical space

Another way to make use of all the available space is to install some vertical storage. This way, you would not be wasting any space, and you wouldn’t have to overcrowd the horizontal space with storage solutions either. Whether you use the top shelves for decorations, books, or plants, it’s bound to come in handy.

Make it brighter and fresher

Darker spaces naturally look less clean, so in order for your home to look cleaner, make sure it is well lit. Open your windows to let in as much natural light as you can, and layer your light sources so no corner is left in the dark. Additionally, if you happen to be a smoker, or if your guests often smoke in your living room, consider getting one of the quality air purifiers for smoke. By getting one, you’d remove any smoke particles from the air, and the room would actually feel much cleaner too. Plus, this kind of purifier can be especially useful in winter when it’s simply too cold to open the windows, so it really is a must.

Add a wastebasket

The living room is not where people usually have a trashcan. However, if you happen to have kids who like to snack in front of the TV, if there are paper scraps around for one reason or another, or if you have pets in the living room that can sometimes make a mess, consider adding a wastebasket. Moreover, you can find wastebaskets in different styles, so you can always pick one that looks modern and would not break the aesthetic flow of your living room.

Tidy up in the morning

Organization is a lot about your living room layout, but it’s also about your personal habits. If you are not used to cleaning your living room, no matter how much storage you have, the clutter will inevitably accumulate. So, make it a habit to spend 10-15 min every morning just cleaning up a bit, putting things where they should be, and maybe putting away those glasses that you forgot on the table last night. It’s a great way to avoid creating a mess, and it can be a great mood booster as well.

Your living room is where you, your family, and your friends will probably spend most of your time together, so you really want it to leave a good impression. After all, your home is a representation of you, so you should keep it clean and organized. To do that, follow the listed suggestions, and you should never again have any trouble with clutter or dust.


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