Designing a mid-century modern kitchen – food for thought


All interior design enthusiasts know the 1950s and 60s gave birth to one of the most loved designs. Designers and architects have started to include technology in their designs and the result was an interesting trend with elements everyone loves.

Today, homeowners want to incorporate mid-century modern features into their homes to achieve an elegant and unconventional result.

Mid-century modern elements are perfect for kitchens because they create rooms with a sense of personality, style, and organisation.

Here is how to include them in your design, if you are looking for a remodel.

Build an open floor plan kitchen

Modern kitchens are efficient, so you need to tear down all unnecessary walls and maximise your space. A mid-century kitchen is perfect for a small apartment because it provides both a kitchen and a dining area. The first step a kitchen remodel implies is taking down the walls that create visual barriers.

Install open-shelving

Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, “The top three ideal styles for kitchens and bathrooms are: Modern (with a 51% majority vote), Contemporary, and Traditional.”

Minimalistic details are essential to designing a modern space so build tall ceilings, wall cabinets, open space, and open shelving. If you have stores you should remove them and replace them with opening shelves.

Don’t rush

A modern kitchen isn’t built overnight. You can buy the first mid-century modern furniture set you find on the market, and install it the next day, but it will not provide an authentic feeling.

The fun part of the process is when you browse through the items multiple stores offer to find the perfect elements. When you choose this style, you should keep in mind that it may take time to complete the project.

The second step when remodelling the kitchen is to choose the wallpaper or paint and to build space-efficient cabinets.

Use only natural materials

Modern design uses steel and natural materials. Why is wood a key element for modern design? Because it’s timeless and creates a simple and authentic vibe. Mid-century design is unimaginable with wood elements so shop for real wood furniture. Decide if you prefer mid-tones or dark shades, or mix them to create warmth.

Add some retro vibes

To add a pop of style to your kitchen, you can choose some retro lighting fixtures. Interior design registered a comeback of retro lighting fixtures, so you can easily find a model that fits the rest of the house. Install an armed pedant light above the countertop to transform it into a dining table. Feel free to be creative when you choose kitchen items because modern spaces encourage experimentation.  

Use colours

Modern design promotes bold colours so don’t be afraid to use them. A bright colour can make the difference in the kitchen, so get creative and try hues like gold, yellow, deep blue, orange, and any other bright shade you find interesting. Sometimes using contrasting colours, you enrich the design of the kitchen and make it look more welcoming.


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