Household Crime Stats 2019: Males More Likely To Be Victims of Household Crime


A recent study has found that males are more likely to be victims of household crime. Data uncovered shows that during the first quarter of 2019, males experienced more household crime, with over 20,000 reported cases, as opposed to females, who reported just over 13,000.

The research, found by More4Doors, also discovered the areas which saw the most crime in Q1 of 2019. The South East of England was the worst, with over 4,400 reported crimes, while the North East only had 2,008 reported household crimes during the same period.

When studying victims of household crime, those who were employed experienced the most, with over 21,000 cases reported by those in full or part-time work, while students were the least likely to be burgled, with just 368 reports during the first quarter of the year. When looking at age ranges, those who were aged between 45 to 54 experienced the most crime, with those aged between 16 and 24 experiencing the least.

The study has also revealed that those who live in a semi-detached house are the most likely to experience household crime. It was found that over 10,000 semi-detached homes were victims of crime, compared to flats which saw just 5,000 reported crimes in the first three months of 2019. Terraced houses also saw a high number of household crimes, as did detached residential properties. The study also looked at homeowners versus renters and found that those who own their property experienced the most household crime (over 21,000 reports) while renting tenants experienced just over 11,000 cases.

These alarming statistics come just weeks before Christmas, the time of year when both homeowners and renters should be a lot more vigilant when it comes to crime. Ensuring your home is properly secure during this time is essential. Burglars are well aware that while you are out enjoying the season’s festivities, there are plenty of expensive Christmas presents nestled under your tree. Leaving doors or windows unlocked are prime opportunities for those who prey on homeowners or renters leaving their home security to chance.

More4Doors, a door handle and door locks retailer, has a number of tips on ensuring the security of your home this festive season.

  • Keep doors locked at all times, even when you are in the house. If you are upstairs, burglars can easily sneak in unnoticed, so make sure you keep exterior doors locked at all times. This should also apply to large windows which can be climbed through, especially any which are just above extensions or conservatories.
  • Make sure all your household locks are working properly. Any fault on a door lock can be an opportunity for a burglar. Even if it just needs a small fix, it’s worth sorting.
  • If possible, add more than one lock to your exterior doors for added security.
  • Check all windows are locked shut before leaving the house. It can be easy to miss an open window and leave it open.
  • Don’t leave mail or flyers hanging out the letterbox. This can be a signal to burglars that you aren’t home.
  • Don’t forget to check the locks on your garage are working properly. These are prime targets for burglars as many homeowners generally don’t have good working locks on garage doors or side doors.
  • Try not to leave boxes out near your bins. An empty TV box or games console packaging is a clear indication to burglars that you have items in the home worth stealing, so make sure you dispose of these a little more discreetly.

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