5 Occasions That Require a Car Accident Lawyer


In recent years, New Jersey has seen a considerable increase in the number of cars on the roads. This increase has also seen a rise in the number of accidents. Many auto accidents live behind them grave effects on those affected. In some instances, people are left nursing serious injuries. In some other cases, your car may be written off entirely. After the occurrence of such accidents, it is crucial to look for a lawyer to help you in with legal issues. Rosengard Law Group specializes in offering legal services to victims of auto accidents.

In case you did not incur any medical expenses or the damage from the crash was minimal, you may not need a lawyer. However, there are instances when it will be advisable that you get a lawyer. This article discusses some of those instances when you should contact a lawyer.

Seeking Compensation for Serious Injuries or Damages

If you have been involved in an accident and gotten severe injuries or your auto got serious damages, you may want to claim for compensation. Without legal experience, it would be challenging to determine what compensation is right for you. A professional person will be of great help in such a situation. A lawyer is the best person to is the best person to negotiate on your behalf instead of doing it by yourself. They will also handle all the paperwork and communication with insurance companies on your behalf. With the help of an experienced Accident Attorney, you can rest assured that your rights and interests are being properly represented.

When the One on the Fault is not Known

Sometimes after an auto accident, the police report may not accurately establish who is on the wrong. In such instances, you can mistakenly be termed as the guilty. As such, it is highly recommendable to look for a New Jersey attorney who is well-versed with auto accident matters to represent your case.

Usually, the actual fault in an accident is what determines who is responsible for the damages caused. Therefore, always ensure you are clear on who is liable after an accident. Knowing the person responsible gives the case a better flow as well as quicken the results.

When Your Vehicle is Severely Damaged

Usually, the party at fault or their insurance company is responsible for compensating any harm done to your vehicle. However, following up on the compensation on your own may be very overwhelming, and you may end up losing it. Therefore, it is advisable to get an auto accident attorney who can help you recover the entire amount worth the damage to your vehicle.

When the Compensation Being Offered for Damages is Insufficient

Sometimes, the insurance company may offer compensation that is too low to cover the entire damages fully. In such a case, you need an attorney who will help you get full compensation through the right legal procedures.

When the Insurance Company is Unwilling to Release Compensation

One challenge that you may face in your attempt to claim for your rightful compensation has to do with the insurance company. At times, insurance companies try to look for excuses to avoid paying the full recovery amount. If you decide to pursue the claim on your own, you may end up not getting what you deserve. To avoid being lied to or denied your rightful compensation by the insurance, employ the services of a lawyer.

In conclusion, if you are in New Jersey, you can get legal services from Rosengard Law Group.

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