A good painter – how to choose the right painter?


Do you want to renovate your house or flat but you cannot do it on your own? If you do, it is worth to hire some specialist in this field. A professional painter or even decorator who will change your flat into a unique place. However, there is a question – which painter on the market is good? Read this article and find out about the ways which will help you to find the best painter in your district.

1. Preparation before you start looking for specialist

2. Ask for pricing more than one painter

3. Don’t be afraid of asking

Preparation before you start looking for specialist

Before you start looking for a professional on the Internet or ask your friends for instructions, make a list of things that need to be done, taking into account the necessary preparations. Thanks to this, the painter will be able to prepare an accurate estimation cost. What is more, you will be able to answer all the person’s questions and make the schedule of the work more accurate.

Ask for pricing more than one painter

It is highly advisable to ask for a quote from at least three different painters. If it is possible, invite them to your home to see the rooms that need to be painted. As a result, they will take into account all stages of work including preparation for painting and some additional works as well.

Don’t be afraid of asking

Before you sign the agreement with the painter, it is recommended to ask as many questions as you can regarding the renovation. What is more, it is worth to write them down in the agreement to avoid misunderstandings in future. Some of the important questions worth asking are following:

– Who will rearrange the furniture and protect it and clean it after painting – some companies provide only painting services, they do not clean and rearrange the furniture after the work is done.

– Is the service covered by a guarantee – every reputable company should provide the guarantee, if you hire a small one, it is worth to check it.

– Is the painter insured – in case of accident, you can have some problems regarding healing the worker.

– Can he provide references from previous clients – references should be verified before you sign the agreement.

– What is the estimated working time – it should be also included in agreement.

– Is the painter responsible for purchasing the paint or the customer should do it on his/her own – if the painter will buy it, it is also worth to set the details.

Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – Painters and Decorators in London.


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