Ten Fashionable and Flexible Ideas for Freestanding Kitchen Designs


By deciding on a freestanding kitchen design, you can look forward to cooking in a more creative and relaxed kitchen environment. While a contemporary under-counter sink in a modern fixed kitchen gives an attractive appearance, a freestanding design offers flexibility, allowing you to rearrange your freestanding units whenever you like.

Ten flexible ideas to bring fresh fashion and stylish flair to your freestanding kitchen design include the following:

1. Natural Country Cottage Style

Photo by Tina Dawson

Charming country cottages have always posed a problem for designing workable fixed kitchen designs. With their attractive nooks, crannies and unusual shapes and angles, these interiors are ideal for freestanding kitchen designs. Once you select your free standing cupboards for kitchens and other separate units, you can arrange them any way you like.

You can move them around as needed to accommodate several home chefs at work at the same time or when you prepare holiday meals or party food. Rustic antique pieces in beautifully grained natural timbre or painted in charming distressed white style can lend timeless charm when combined with some free standing kitchen cabinets. A freestanding island, double-sink unit or roll-away trolley may be ideal and you can find a variety in Murdoch Troon bespoke kitchen store.

2. Spacious Open Shelving

Photo by Nafinia Putra

You may like the look of fixed kitchen cabinets while preferring the freedom provided by an unfixed room interior. By choosing a fixed floor-to-ceiling cabinet or cupboard and some hanging wall-mounted units, you can enjoy both the visual appeal and casual, movable design that you like. These shelves add great storage space while making the room seem larger.

With free standing cupboards for kitchens plus appealing wall-mounted shelves, you will have plenty of space for storing china, cookery, glassware, small kitchen appliances, utensils and jars of condiments or spices. By adding colorful vases and other arty ceramic bowls, hand-carved wooden items and decorative teacups, you will brighten and enliven your entire kitchen decor with its stand alone kitchen units.

3. Add Character with Natural Wood

Photo by Fran Hogan

By using freestanding kitchen units made of natural wood, you will add character and a sense of natural enchantment to your cooking spaces. A handsome oak, cherry or maple wood movable sink unit, kitchen island, wheeling serving cart, beverage cabinet or wine rack can add warm, glowing surfaces and textures to enhance your kitchen interior.

Including creative handcrafted freestanding units in a farmhouse kitchen design will provide pleasing rustic style and the perfect amount of casual comfort for your new or renovated interior. You may be amazed at the number of different stylish kitchen designs you can create just by rearranging one or two units of your versatile free standing kitchen designs.

4. Create a Pleasing Central Island Focus

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For a central kitchen island, you may choose an intriguing antique wooden kitchen island with a polished butcher’s block countertop as one of your stand alone kitchen units. An ornate shabby chic design restyled from an antique mahogany chest-of-drawers and topped with a lustrous marble slab can also produce a stunning kitchen centerpiece. By choosing a movable kitchen units island for your free standing kitchen designs, you will add welcome versatility to your food preparation and cooking areas.

Since kitchen islands are often moderate to large in size to provide adequate prepping and serving space, the option of moving them when needed can be a great benefit. These islands as free standing furniture for kitchens are usually frequent gathering places for family and friends for casual chats over drinks and snacks. Often designed to include bar stools or tall chairs, an island can be wheeled to one side of the kitchen to double as a relaxed dining table as well.

5. Timeless Popularity of Butcher’s Block

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The use of butcher’s block counters and benchtops is popular in all design modes, from traditional to shabby chic, farmhouse, cottage and contemporary casual. Even basic minimalist and industrial interiors for kitchens may feature smooth, appealing and functional butcher’s block for food prepping and chopping surfaces in your furniture kitchen design. You can add some free standing kitchen cabinets as well if you like.

Butcher’s block is especially popular for use in any design of free standing kitchen furniture with strong rustic or handcrafted emphasis. For kitchens that have adjoining breakfast nooks or charming café style tables and booths, butcher’s block tabletops can be attractive and practical. If you find a vintage butcher’s block tabletop at a local auction or antique sale, you may want to paint it to match or enhance your kitchen cabinets or overall colour scheme.

6. Use Kitchenware for Cheerful Colour Pops

Photo by Becca Tapert

Even white, black, dark or neutral kitchen decor can benefit from small pops of colour to enhance your free standing furniture for kitchens. By hanging kitchenware and utensils on the walls above your splashback or beside your cabinetry, you can add some welcome spots of brightness. Copper pots and pans along with copper, iron, stainless steel and enamel-coated stirring spoons and ladles in bright, cheerful hues can do wonders to create a unique sense of style in your kitchen.

You can also display these colourful cookery items and utensils on open wooden shelving or on your freestanding cupboard shelving. Many home dwellers also install cookery hanging racks suspended from the ceiling above their kitchen island areas. Your bright, attractive pots, pans and cooking tools also add warm and casual style as decorative decor on exhibit for your new free standing kitchen.

7. Save Space with Wall-Mounted Cabinetry

Photo by Charles Deluvio

If you have an older home with high ceilings, wall-mounted cabinets are ideal as space savers in your furniture kitchen design that includes free standing kitchen units. Some homeowners even install rows of cabinets stretching up to the ceiling and reachable by a folding or detachable track ladder. Even in kitchens with low ceilings, there is usually plenty of space to install a single row of wall-mounted cupboards and cabinets for your new design of kitchen furniture.

Especially in kitchen interiors with irregular shapes, a combination of wall cabinets and removable shelves can be a good solution for conserving space and providing needed storage. Wall installations of fashionable plate racks are also popular and practical. These racks are great for providing safe places to store your extra or fancy china in room interior designs with free standing kitchen units. They also offer easily accessible places to keep your everyday plates that you use for serving most meals and snack foods.

8. Create Unique Industrial Kitchen Decor with Freestanding Units

Photo by Jason Pofahl

To many consumers, an industrial style design for kitchen furniture is a completely built-in design. Its sleek benchtops, island, cabinetry and shelving are fixed elements. Yet by using customised freestanding units for your new contemporary interior design, you can reap the benefits of a versatile kitchen that can be rearranged on a moment’s notice with this clever design of kitchen furniture. If you’re looking for a solid wood kitchen table in Canada you can check out Anne Quinn Furniture. They offer unique customizations on their solid wood products.

Just by wheeling your slender marble-top oak wood island next to your kitchen wall with tall windows, you can create an attractive table for casual meals and snacks. Your tall, sleek mobile cupboard with its shiny black enamel-painted surfaces can be relocated to a corner of your breakfast nook to open up your cooking space. Even your stainless steel sink-side cabinets with hardwood tops can be used as rolling serving carts during parties. 

9. Choose Freestanding Units for Small Kitchens

Photo by Le Creuset

Even if your kitchen is the smallest room in your house, you can make it glow with warmth and charm using freestanding units in your design for kitchen furniture. Especially if the room has an unusual shape with small nooks and cramped space, you can make it seem much larger by adding small-scale, customised freestanding furnishings. 

With tall, narrow cabinet units that have plenty of shelves and drawers, you can add great storage space for cooking vessels, extra china, large food containers and small kitchen appliances. By including a rolling vegetable and condiment cart and a mobile kitchen island as movable kitchen units, you can revise your kitchen decor every day as needed. Do not overload your kitchen cabinet with tons of fancy devices that are wasting precious space. Focus only on those kitchen gadgets that you often use, find the optimal list of cooking appliances here

10. Add Vintage Charm with a Freestanding Larder

Photo by Timothy Rhyne

By including an antique hand-crafted maple wood larder, you can bring unique vintage charm to your kitchen creation or makeover. At the same time, you will be adding an abundance of valuable storage space to your small cooking space. Antique larders are especially useful since they provide large shelves and deep bins for storing foods and supplies. 

Soon, your unique and attractive larder will be a well-stocked pantry with room to spare. This elegant vintage freestanding piece also gives you the option of moving it as needed. When you add several useful and appealing units to your kitchen interior, you will create a beautiful kitchen environment that will make preparing meals a joy. 

With the use of creative and flexible ideas, you can design a new kitchen interior with highest degrees of innovative fashion and smooth functionality. If you need financial assistance to help cover some of these expenses, you can find out how title loans can be helpful at any time. You can even get title loans open on Sunday if that’s something you prefer!. Practical planning, ingenuity and artistry can come together in a true dream kitchen for contemporary living. 


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