How Solid Hardwood Flooring Can Add Value to Your Home


Owning a property isn’t just about having a place to live — it’s also a significant investment into your future. Whether putting your home on the market is already in the works, or climbing the property ladder remains a distant spot on the horizon, making changes that increase the potential for profit should be on everyone’s radar.

There are many ways you can upscale the value of your house before selling. One effective method is to install new flooring for the property. Not only can new floors significantly increase the value of your home, but they can also increase its aesthetic appeal.

Solid wood floors stand out as a fantastic choice for homeowners hoping to maximise their return now, or in the future. Read more to find out why.

1) They are Attractive

Floors are one of the first things you notice when entering a new home, even if you are not aware of yourself doing it. They can truly make or break a room, and transform any space from tacky to luxurious, or lacklustre to modern. Solid hardwood flooring is classic yet understated, bringing a certain elegance to your home and, in turn, increasing its future value.

2) They are Versatile

There is nothing more off-putting for potential buyers than home furnishings that tie them into certain colour schemes or aesthetics. A bold, coloured carpet, for instance, is incredibly limiting from an interior design perspective. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, harmonises with anything and everything. So, not only does it look better, but it also makes the property more appealing to buyers, as it gives them creative liberty. As a result, the value of your home is increased.

3) They are Practical

Solid wood floors are also a popular choice because they are easy to clean, and non-allergenic. Other floorings like carpet will absorb spillages, leading to staining and possibly bacteria cultures. Moreover, carpet fibres can trap dust motes or pollen particles, which can result in allergic reactions. Wood floorings do not have this problem, as spillages remain and easy to mop up, and anything else can be brushed away. This level of practicality and ease of upkeep means they look better for longer, boosting the overall value of your home.

4) They are Durable

Perhaps the most notable selling point of solid hardwood flooring is its hardwearing nature. It’s made from a sturdy block of wood and a simple lacquer coating to improve its water resistance and prevent scratching. This makes it ideal where there’s high foot traffic, such as in hallways and kitchens, and in areas where furniture is moved around a lot, such as the dining room. On the other hand, carpet and laminate flooring are more susceptible to wear and tear. If your flooring is durable, it lasts longer and doesn’t lose its lustre. This boosts the overall appeal, and the value of your property. So, invest in some solid hardwood flooring to see the benefits yourself.

“Hardwood floors are a typical redesign that can enhance the worth of a home. Tragically, they can not exclusively be costly to place, yet expensive to supplant.

Individuals usually think that they’ll have the option to submit a claim on their homeowner insurance policy if their cherished hardwood flooring gets harmed. Actually, it relies a great deal upon the type of home insurance they have, and how much inclusion they bought.

When you put in new hardwood flooring in your house, It’s imperative to check your current home insurance features. On the off chance that current house insurance doesn’t come as of now, have flood and water damage coverage. At that point, redesign insurance quickly to make sure you can claim for your hardwood flooring in future without any problem. ”

Solid hardwood flooring brings a luxurious feel to any home, harmonises with all kinds of aesthetics and colour schemes, is easy to maintain and lasts for twenty-five years on average. It’s a cost-effective investment that’s bound to turn a profit.


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