Make Sure You Avoid These 4 Bathroom Design Mistakes


It’s fair to say that many of us know by now what to do to make a bathroom look amazing, but what shouldn’t we be doing? What are some common blunders to avoid making? If you think carefully and learn from the mistakes of others, your bathroom – not to mention your bank account and precious time – will surely thank you for it.

As fun as selecting taps and wall paint can be, it’s still important to take the design part seriously to ensure you end up with a functional, beautiful area that you’ll enjoy using every day. Let’s look at a few mistakes to avoid when you design your bathroom.

Falling in love with the showroom version

Many of us spot a freestanding bathtub or double sink vanity when visiting a showroom and believe it’s perfect for our own bathroom. Yet, it’s still important to consider the dimensions and layout of your space before splashing out on a new bathroom fixture. An enormous bathtub that should be a statement piece could actually end up being more of a nuisance, as it may be too large for easily bathing your children, take too long to fill up, and be a bit trickier to get in and out of than you might have thought! Something more practical is usually far better than a fancy showroom piece.

Not thinking about the future

Even though it’s not always fun to consider, it’s a good idea to think about the future when renovating your bathroom. Especially if you’re in a house you believe will be yours for the rest of your life, make sure the bathroom is functional as everyone in the home gets older. Grab handles, non-slip surfaces, walk-in showers, and even the reliable shower mixer taps from Grohe that are made for a lifetime of use, are all touches you should add now that will save you headaches down the line as you age.

Not having enough counter space

Some homeowners prefer the idea of installing just a sink for a smaller bathroom, without the vanity included. Don’t forget, however, that you’ll still need counter space. There are makeup items, shaving tools, and all sorts of creams and gels that are best kept out of the way in storage or on the countertops. Another tip is to include a mirror that doubles as a cabinet with space behind it. A lot of items can collect in a bathroom over the years, so extra storage space is never a bad thing.

Choosing natural materials for an accent wall

One trend that many bloggers and magazines love is the idea of an accent wall, which is essentially one wall that is made from natural material that stands out. This could be brick, marble, wood, or even tile. While this can look really stunning, if your tastes change… it’s not that easy to tear it down again. Switching up wall paint or even eye-catching bathroom wallpaper is a safer bet if you’re a bit prone to flip-flopping on your design choices.


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