A SaferMask for Going Back to Work

A SaferMask for Going Back to Work

SaferMask has the sole task to quell the rise of Coronavirus by helping to protect anyone returning to work after lockdown. 

SaferMask Group are marketing their protective, community business and industry face masks throughout the UK and already count customers that include hotel groups, gym chains and law firms who chose SaferMask because of the ability to brand the masks, their inherent quality and greater cost-effectiveness.

SaferMasks last longer, making them more cost-effective, because they are reusable and fully washable. Each SaferMask is designed to be worn for at least 30 days and washed daily reducing the cost to less than half the price of a typical single use mask.

John Lambourne-Richardson FIH, General Manager, Hilton by Hampton Stockton said: “We were drawn to SaferMask because of their quality and ability to brand the masks. Wearing SaferMasks also ensures that our staff do not wear medical-grade masks, so they remain available for our country’s frontline medical staff and other emergency services.”

The three-layer masks have been extensively tested and accredited by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) for Anti-Bacterial Performance and Water Repellency and by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for Bacterial Filtration and Differential Pressure. 

The use of SaferMask also avoids the dangerous impact of huge quantities of disposable masks entering our waste systems causing major environmental harm

SaferMasks are made from the finest cotton, strong but with a soft, luscious surface for a luxury feel making them comfortable and stylish to wear for long periods of time and are especially suitable for customer-facing staff when branded.


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