New Technology to Help Housing Market Recover

New Technology to Help Housing Market Recover

After the housing market was given the green light to reopen last week, following seven weeks of lockdown, demand for homes has doubled. However, four in 10 workers say they are concerned about social distancing in workplace.

Cadline UK is introducing new technology: iTWOsafe., which enables staff to monitor safe distancing and assist with business continuity.  

The simple, user-friendly app is connected to a light-weight Bluetooth device, which can be worn as a wristband or attached to a uniform. The iTWOsafe app tracks your physical distance to other devices on-site so that you can work in confidence knowing you are at a safe distance.

There is no personal information required, only a smartphone’s phone number in order to connect to the app. Key features of the technology include alerts before breaching the distance requirement, traceable contact history and comprehensive reporting to showcase precautions to health and safety officials.

With pressure on for the housing market to bounce back, the app has already gained interest from major global construction and engineering groups in the UK, who sent letters of intent weeks ahead of the product launching.

Richard Robertson, Business Development Director at Cadline, said “The UK has seen an outpour of concern from the British people on returning to work post lockdown. People are understandably nervous and are looking for guidance now more than ever on health and safety in the workplace. iTWOsafe complements businesses social distancing measures, allowing them to reopen safely and encouraging confidence both in employees and in consumers. The device can be worn on site or during property viewings while the property industry recovers.

The technology has been developed by Cadline’s investment partners, RIB Group and A2K Technologies, and is a listed supplier by the government’s Crown Commercial Service.

Robertson continues: “One of the most essential benefits of iTWOsafe is the ability to track a COVID-19 infection emergency. Should a member of staff test positive for the virus, health and safety departments can identify if their iTWOsafe device came into close contact with anyone, and inform the relevant employees to quarantine. This helps to keep control of the spread of the virus and avoid the closure of entire businesses.”

Currently in production, first orders of iTWOsafe will be shipped out next week. There is already huge demand in Australia and USA, with enquiries for over 30,000 units.


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