How to Reduce Budget Whilst Upgrading Kitchen

How to Reduce Budget Whilst Upgrading Kitchen

Sustainability champion and green hero, The Used Kitchen Company, is offering homeowners, who have become a little less certain about their kitchen renovation vision and budget, some food for thought that could beat any blues that have set in during lockdown.

The UK was expecting to see a 6-7% growth rate in home renovations over the next few years, but this is now projected to shrink. Those who had already started work on their refurbishment or build, could now be facing a budget dilemma, wondering whether or not to cut back on their original fixtures and fittings’ budget.

From May 14, builders have been allowed to continue or start working on home extension projects and other home improvement plans, with many of these having ground to a halt during the pandemic. Whilst the shell of an extension is probably an inflexible element of the plan for those now seeking to save money, what goes inside it, if the plan was to fit a new kitchen, need not be as expensive as the homeowner imagined.

Kitchen seekers may now feel they will have to compromise on the quality of kitchen they buy. New homeowners, typically spend 30% more on renovations than existing property owners and a new kitchen is often part of that. Anyone disheartened and thinking they will have to ‘make do’ with a kitchen in a lower price bracket, could find a fairy godmother in The Used Kitchen Company.

TUKC is a kitchen lover’s dream portal, not just because it features fabulous designer kitchens but also because it offers this type of kitchen at many different price points, to suit a wide variety of budgets and at prices all 50-70% lower than the kitchen’s original RRP, (from as little as 18 months ago).

What is available to view online is an array of kitchens that are either second-hand and from a private home, or displays on sale from kitchen showrooms. The used kitchens have often been lovingly cared for, high-quality kitchens when new. Occasionally some are purchases that were never unboxed. The ex-display kitchens are usually still current, allowing a purchaser to buy extra units to go with their TUKC purchase, if needs be.

Currently, a £7000 budget would give the buyer the opportunity to size up an ex-display grey and sand gloss Lago kitchen with glass worktops, or an ex-display Kuhlman kitchen with Dekton worktops and appliances. Other brands in their price range currently include Pronorm, Second Nature, Nolte, Alno, Schroder and, for £500 more, Nobilia, Schuller and Warendorf. Many TUKC kitchens even include appliances.

Looeeze Grossman, CEO at The Used Kitchen Company, says: “There is no need for anyone midway through a home extension or renovation project to feel they have to compromise and not go for the quality of kitchen they had seen as being integral to their vision for their space. For a lower budget, they could get an even better kitchen – that’s how our model works. At the same time, we throw in something else for free – the feelgood factor that comes with knowing you have also assisted the environment, by buying a kitchen that would otherwise potentially just have been put in a skip and sent to landfill. That happens all the time, but TUKC buyers can prevent it.

“Hopefully, our message is a blues-buster for those believing they have to downgrade their plans. We’ve already started to see signs of this amongst those who know about our brilliant sustainability focused service, so we need to spread the word to other home renovators, self-builders and improvers. We must also not forget that homeowners, who now have a disinclination to move home, can give a new lease of life to their space with a nearly new designer kitchen.”


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