Wheel loaders VS hydraulic excavators

Wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators have much improved industries.  Excavators and wheel loaders are mainly used to dig up the soil, heavy lifting and moving piles of debris. The big machines can perform in mining, construction, forestry and even landscaping. These heavy machines have certain advantages such as;

  1. Reduced operational costs. It is because the tools can do a lot of work which could have used up a lot of human resources.
  2. Fast. The use of the wheel loaders and excavators usually completes the work fast as they are more efficient.
  3. Ability to do heavy work. The invention of excavators and wheel loaders has relieved the human labor force of a lot of work and strain on the muscles. Wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators main work is to carry heavy objects, and this has significantly been of help.

There has always been a comparison of wheel loaders and the hydraulic excavators. Many of the times the hydraulic excavators are still better than the wheel loaders and International attachments is necessary to get the best deals.. Let us take a look at the reasons:

Dump height

The wheel loaders have a low dump height while the hydraulic excavators have a high dump height. The difference in dump height is an important feature to consider if you will be using the machine for dumping mainly. The low dump height in wheel loaders makes dumping less accurate as the operator cannot see well where he/she is dropping. High dump height of the hydraulic excavators makes the dumping by hydraulic excavators more reliable and more efficient.

Breakout force

One of the features that make the excavator more efficient than the wheel loaders is that it has a higher breakout force. The wheel loader in its design has less breakout force hence is usually less efficient.

Maintenance costs

It is estimated that 50% of the money used to maintain the wheel loaders is used for replacing the tear and wear of the wheels. Due to the nature of its work, the wheel loaders work in very rough surfaces. The excavator has the tracks, and even if they require to be repaired, they have less tear and wear hence are more economical.

Flexibility and mobility

The wheel loaders require more space to maneuver hence cannot work in smaller areas while the excavators can work without changing their location. It makes the excavators more flexible to work with and therefore, more efficient. The design that enables the excavators not to move lets it easy for the operator.

Easy to work with

As stated above the wheel loaders usually move about in the area; it is working. It makes it challenging to work with compared to the excavators which do not change their location. Their flexibility does not tire the operator and hence better to use.

As illustrated above, working with excavators is more efficient, and it is way better than working with wheel loaders. The wheel loaders, however, do not lack its advantages of its own such as;


The wheel loader design makes sure that it uses less steel to manufacture compared to the wheel excavator. It reduces its manufacture cost hence decreasing its price.


The wheel loader is more mobile hence can work in places where the excavator cannot work, such as in sloppy areas.

Easy to train

One can efficiently train how to use a wheel loader. Excavators require a lot of training and hence increasing the labor costs of the excavator.

If you want to save money, the wheel loader is your best option as it is cheap and requires cheaper labor.

Getting Excavators and wheel loaders

 International attachments can help you a great deal in getting hydraulic excavators and loaders. Foreign accessories are helpful in that they;

Offer expert help

The hydraulic attachments and wheel loader attachments companies are experts in their field; therefore, they offer expert help and help one get the best machine for what he wants.

Offer a wide range of selection.

The market generally offers a wide selection of products such as that you can select from a wide range of products.

Reduced costs

If you can get an excellent deal for your excavators and wheel loaders, then you will get free shipping services reducing your costs.

Discount prices

Getting an attachment for the hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders will give you discount prices for the machines. It will enable you to afford these machines.

Bottom Line

In this modern era, the excavators and wheel loaders will significantly improve our industries hence very important to be aware of how they operate. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and when deciding which to buy, you have to consider certain factors. It is, therefore, essential for you to seek expert help to help you choose the best option. International attachments can be of great help.


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