Xwatch Develops Technological Safety Solutions for Plant

Xwatch is a new plant safety start-up company which has developed cutting-edge technology to help protect plant operators and their surroundings on site, by developing a system which creates a virtual barrier around the worker and his machine thanks to its advanced XW range of products

The XW products are easy to use, can be easily set and used by plant operators and is great value. The systems ensure height, slew, rated capacity indicator (RCI) and stability are all controlled during operation. The products have also been developed with operators in mind, with a simple interface, allowing for minimal training when being rolled out across a site and ease of use for day to day work and safety.

Xwatch was the brainchild of one of the UK’s foremost Rail Plant specialists Fitzgerald Plant’s founder Chris Fitzgerald. He wanted a safety system for his customers that was easy for their operators to use and reliable. Fitzgerald Plant has installed and supported many different safety systems on both civil and rail machines across the UK, the feedback from the sites was that these products were difficult to operate, expensive to buy and not really fit for purpose.

“My customers use a lot of different plant equipment around sites across the country and many use different safety solutions. Xwatch and the XW systems are what we at Fitzgerald Plant want from a plant safety solution. It is what our customers want from a safety solution, what health and safety officers want to see used on site and at a price point that business owners and plant operators are happy to pay.

“For years I have seen companies invest in systems that operators don’t use as they are too complicated or aren’t fit for the sites that the plant is on. When I asked my development team to develop the XW systems the main issue for me was reliability, usability and value – I believe what we have developed with the XW range is just that and I am very proud of it

Chris added “So far the reaction to the XW series has been amazing. We have spoken to so many people from all over the world who really like both the hardware and software that the Xwatch team has created and we are confident that they are the best most advanced, user-friendly products at the best price in the market.”

“By setting and creating a safety barrier around the equipment within operating reach – whether it’s height, slew or RCI control – the “feather touch” proportional hydraulic will easily produce a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator. It has the added benefit of being less demanding on the machine, unlike other products on the market, which will also save on maintenance costs and the cost of the machine being off site, if you then include the extra value of integration with the creep control feature, which allows an automatic slow down on the machines hydraulic system from 3rd party awareness system, you have the safest and largest range of cost effective products in the market today”

The XW series software is programmed using the CODESYS platform. CODESYS provide the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control. It’s a platform that is universally recognised and used in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) worldwide in robotics and other high performing automation requirements. The XW series can be integrated with anti-collision systems, RFID personal warning systems, camera awareness systems, 3D machine control and Telematics.


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