5 Ideas for Using a Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

A coffee table can bring an aura of class and beauty into your living room. When creating your interior décor, a coffee table is one piece of furniture that can help you complete that elegant look that you desire in your living room. They come in many designs and colors, and you can also custom make your own to fit into your space. A mid-century modern coffee table is particularly one which you can use to make your room aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The tables range in a variety of designs allowing you to play around with your available space. Here are some of the cool ideas of how you can use such tables.

1.    Having Coffee

Having coffee is the primary use of these tables. With the table strategically placed next to your couch, you can use it to place kettles and coffee mugs and enjoy a warm glass of the same while relaxed on your sofa. You should always ensure that your table is the right height relative to your sofa. The table should be a little bit low, but too low to enable you to place your mug comfortably.

2.    Placing Decorative Vases

While your coffee table is in itself a decorative piece, you can add on to its beauty and the general outlook of your room if you place flower vases and other decorative items on it. Always ensure that the table is not cluttered and that you allow enough space for mugs and kettles. Depending on the shape and design of your coffee table, you can either place these vases at the edge or right in the middle of the table. Most people go with the latter option where you place a decorated bottle with artificial flowers in the middle of the table.

3.    Books and Magazine Storage

While you might have a shelf to place your books and magazines, coffee tables give you more space for this purpose. Of course, you do not keep all your books in the table’s storage compartment, but only those you are reading or the magazines you would want your guests to access. The idea is to have a place you can quickly retrieve your book from when you want to relax and read instead of having to go to your shelf often.

4.    Resting Your Legs

You can use your coffee table for resting your legs while relaxing on your couch. When you come home tired and just want to relax and catch up on a book or watch your favorite television sitcom, you can sit with your legs outstretched on your table, and enjoy. Just make sure the table is free of other items and is strong enough.

5.    Placing Snacks

There are those times that you just want to snack up as you enjoy your movie in the living room. You do not have to hold on to a bowl of snacks that you might even spill accidentally. A coffee table is an ideal place to place such snacks or even a vase full of fruits. 


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