Schneider Electric Launches Solution for Safer, More Time-Efficient Decorating

Schneider Electric Launches Solution for Safer, More Time-Efficient Decorating

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced the release of the 6” T2 Ceiling Pendant Set with decorator cover (GPEND62G2) and T2 Ceiling Batten Holder with decorator cover (GBATG2), two new ceiling accessory products fitted with additional decorators cover. The new accessories have health and safety in mind, addressing lighting fitting issues when decorating new and refurbished properties.  

The simple, safe and easy to install accessories provides electricians personalised control and added convenience for the homeowner. Both accessories are permanently fitted to both batten and 6” pendant and once wired simply clip into place covering the terminals. Any paint which would normally come in contact with the live terminals or any accidental contact by the decorator is safely protected with the cover.

“Health and safety issues when decorating new and refurbished properties have grown in recent years. To overcome this, lighting circuits should be disconnected to avoid any risk of electrocution from contact between the uncovered terminals in the batten and the person painting the surface,” said Nico van der Merwe, VP of Home & Distribution at Schneider Electric. “Correct working practices require the lighting circuit to be fully isolated and temporary lighting installed, this can be time-consuming and can often result in uneven coverage of paint. The new ceiling accessories with integral decorators cover tackles this issue and ensures safety is at the forefront of decorating.”

Van der Merwe continued, “The 6” T2 Ceiling Pendant Set and the T2 Ceiling Batten Holder puts total control in the hands of the electrician and decorator – allowing them to easily install the fixtures and ensure that all future decorating remains secure and time-efficient.”

Installation and design 

The new accessories from Schneider make it ideal for retrofit applications and allows for electricians and decorators to efficiently install the products in any home. It enables the decorator to paint neatly around the fitting and when the outer cover is screwed back in place provides a neat painted edge, thus avoiding paint on the outside visible cover. 

To access the terminals, the inner cover can be unclipped using the locking tab but ensures with its locking method that it cannot be accidentally removed. The decorator cap remains in place, so all future decorating is consistent. 

Both 6” T2 Ceiling Pendant Set and T2 Ceiling Batten Holder with additional decorator covers also include functions such as: 

  • Slightly oversized base covers any unsightly witness marks when replacing existing fittings
  • Raised mounting fit held to ensure the lamp holder is fitted to an uneven surface
  • Clear terminals provide easy visibility of terminals during installation
  • Large cable knockouts around the base moulding for ample cable entry
  • Terminals are located around the perimeter of the fittings to provide maximum cable entry and wiring space 

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