Exploring the concept of Pixel Controllers

If you are planning to invest in something useful, then you should not miss out on a pixel controller. The pixel controller takes data from computer and converts it into a format that can get used by pixels.

The format comprises of different protocols that uses three or four wires for communicating with the pixels. Now, choosing the best pixel controller can be difficult. The reason is most of us lack technical insight in this regard.

We will make your struggle easy and guide you how to choose the best controller.

Picking the best pixel controller

You need to match your controller with your pixel type. When we talk about popular pixels then WS813, WS812 and WS811 tops the list. Most controllers tend to function with these pixels without a problem.

If you plan to go for a small display, then a 4-port pixel controller will offer you value. However, when you plan to do a big display with different receivers, then you need to choose long-range controllers.

Using Pixel controllers

 The good news is that you can set the maximum intensity level for each string of pixels. You can easily go for a fancy configuration and assign the data to the exact lights. However, keep one thing in mind. Most of the Pixel Controllers have multiple ports.

The best part is that you will be able to drive multiple pixel strings from the specific pixel controller. Every pixel string tends to have a maximum pixel count.

When you buy the pixel controller, then remember that it will govern your lights. Now, handling the capability of a pixel controller can be a tricky part. The truth is that when you use the full capability of your pixel controller, then it can help you save up on your money.

Types of Pixel Controllers

There are different varieties of pixel controllers available in the market so you need to understand what you require. For example, you may come across an led pixel controller

Talking about the Standard Pixel Controllers

The simplest type of Pixel Controllers that exist today are the Standard Pixel Controllers. They tend to take the data from your computer. The data gets acquired through a network cable. The controller converts the data to the pixel outputs.

The Standard Pixel Controllers tend to have 1 to 16 ports. Each port is capable of controlling 170 to 1000 pixels.

Opting in for Long-Range Pixel Controllers

When we talk about easy to work controllers, then you will prefer the Long-Range Pixel Controllers. The Long-Range Controllers are capable of splitting a conventional controller into half.

The processing gets done on a centralized board. Well, the receivers can get placed next to the props. The benefit of this practice is that the pixels can plug-in without a problem. There are times when the receivers get placed hundreds of feet away from the central board.

 Remember these essentials when choosing your pixel controller. You will be happy with your pick at the end of the day.


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