Research Analyses Energy Efficient Homes

Resonance, a data communications consultancy, has released the results of its research on 19 million Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) showing the extent to which the energy-saving home improvements are required.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak set out a £2 billion grant scheme in England for home improvement projects such as wall insulation, double glazing and loft insulation. Resonance analysed the EPC data to find out where the projects are likely to have the most impact and the types of property likely to benefit.

Percentage of homes that could benefit the most:

  • Proportion of homes reporting “Very Poor” energy categories in one or more of the categories – 45%
  • Very poor wall insulation – 26%
  • Very poor loft insulation – 18%
  • Very poor lighting efficiency – 17%
  • Very poor window glazing – 7%

Contrary to some reports and commentary, the research found that owner occupied housing is the worst performing of all the home occupancy types:

Average RatingType
59.2Owner occupied
61.4Rental (private)
68.2Rental (social)
81.4New dwelling

The grant scheme has only been announced for England, but the research has found that the least efficient regions of the UK are Scotland and Wales. Within England, the regions set to benefit the most are the North West and the East Midlands:

Average RatingRegion
62.0North West
62.2East Midlands
62.3West Midlands
62.3South West
62.6East England
63.0North East
63.3East of England
63.8South East
64.9Greater London

Tom Fry, head of data at Resonance, said: “The UK housing stock is still very much lacking when it comes to energy efficiency. 35 per cent of UK homes have very poor insulation which means they have little or no loft or wall insulation, or they still have single glazed windows.”

“While this scheme will help benefit houses in England enormously, the research highlights that housing in Scotland and Wales is most in need of this type of grant, and the government now needs look at how it can help improve energy efficiency in these areas too.”


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