Field Service Management: 5 productive softwares

A reputable manager’s most valuable asset is their ability to skilfully organise the vast network of tasks and plans spread out before them and assign them to a crew according to their expertise and skills. All of these tasks require close supervision and can not be fulfilled successfully unless one dedicated all their time to close surveillance.

However thanks to digital softwares and apps, now these tasks have become considerably easier and can be regulated using only the screen of your laptop. Further highlighting the solution we have compiled here an excellent software guide for field managers to profit from.

  1. WorkForce:

This is an all-in-on solution for go-getters. WorkForce is the silver lining you need for your work. This is a simple but innovative software that is based on cloud technology. Comprising of many components, it offers a wide variety of digital and visual tools for assistance in almost all areas concerned with management.

WorkForce is specialised for field service management owing to its unique set of functions that aid with:

  • Communication:

Whether you have a small team or a large crew, this software is optimised to make communication easier and quicker. Your office staff can easily stay connected with field staff and give prompt instructions. WorkForce also allows you to see their live locations and assign jobs using their drag-&-drop feature.

Collaborate effortlessly using WorkForce’s quick and responsive functions. It eliminates wasted time and increases productivity by a large margin. The best part is you can even attach notes and plans while you assign a job to make the project easier to understand and get your idea conveyed.

  • Productivity:

WorkForce boosts sales and productivity by converting wasted time into work. This app eliminates all paperwork and excel spreadsheets and has digitalised everything from quoting, invoicing to project agreements and payments. All under your fingertips!

Receive quick job notifications and progress updates in one touch and save photographs, pdfs and documents in one click for future references. You can even send updated job reports and follow-ups for unpaid invoices and incomplete projects.

WorkForce is definitely a game-changer when it comes to management work and will make ease in your work by a large magnitude.

2. Eye On Task:

This software makes co-ordination a walk in the part with its new and innovative concepts. Not only can you communicate with your team effectively and quickly but also form and dissolve teams as well. This app gives you autonomy to choose whatever option suits you best and is optimal for your work.

Eye on task truly does keep a keen eye on your projects and will act as your virtual assistant by filing all your tasks, projects and jobs neatly for future references.

3. OptimoRoute :

This is the optimum route for all field service managers. OptimoRoute is an extremely professional app that lets your formulate and send plans on the go. Not only can you mark and make editions to your plans but also make them better using their innovative functions.

It creates ease for field workers as well as it allows you to send them routes with proper GPS directions and also allow you to track your workers and their orders. You can even request analytics for future projects!

4. FreshDesk:

This software is specifically designed to fit the needs of field managers as it prioritises communication and coordination. It offers excellent customer engagement options so you can build trust and solid relationships with your customers.

FreshDesk also reduces wasted time and offers handy solutions to resolve most of your problems. It even used no-code boys to simplify difficult workflows.

5. Field Motion:

As the name suggests this app puts into motion all your tasks and projects and allows you to track them efficiently. Not only does it offer easy communication between your office and field staff but also makes job assignment a walk in the park.

Field Motion is optimum for managers who prefer an easy to use, simple interface with complex and innovative tools.


These softwares will not only track all your productivity progress but also increase it considerably so invest efficiently in the proper software for more fruitful results.

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