Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


If you’re searching for simple landscaping ideas which will help you add curl appeal to your front yard, simply continue reading to discover a few inexpensive landscaping ideas which will help you transform your front yard on a budget. Small front yard landscaping ideas on a budget:

Invest in purchasing nutrients to help your plants grow:

To ensure that your front yard boasts healthy vibrant plants it’s well worth browsing the wide selection of nutrients at Eden Horticultural. As you’ll find it a lot easier to grow healthy, strong plants if you place nutrients in your plant beds’ soil. Especially if plants fail to thrive in your garden’s soil.

Create an attractive stone pathway to your front door:

Lay a simple stone pathway through your lawn to your front door. You may want to use large, mismatched sized stepping stones to create your path or you may want to use your stones to create a mosaic inspired path to your front door.

Add a stone edge to your flower beds:

In order to ensure that your flower beds stand out opt to create an eye catching stone edge to your flower beds. Adding a stone edge to your flower beds will also help your garden look polished and put together.

Place solar lights at the base of any trees or shrubs in your front yard.

Not only are solar lights inexpensively priced but if you place solar lights at the base of prominent trees or shrubs in your front yard, they’ll illuminate your trees or shrubs at night. You can also use solar motion activated lights to illuminate any pathways in your front yard at night.

Repurpose an old wheelbarrow as a planter box:

If you’re able to find an old wheelbarrow, give it a fresh coat of paint and repurpose it as a planter box which you’ll be able to use to grow your favorite flowers. As an example you may want to grow poppies or pansies in your repurposed planter box. You can even grow a variety of flowers in your planter box to create the illusion that wildflowers are growing in your planter box.

Use mulch to create an island inspired flower bed:

Why not create a flower bed island out of mulch? This is a particularly great idea if your front yard features a lot of grass which you’d like to visually break up.

Hang decorative planter boxes outside your front windows:

Use recycled wood to build decorative planter boxes which you’ll be able to hang in-front of your front windows in order to increase your home and garden’s curb appeal. You can even swap out the plants which you display from season to season.

So if you’d love to give your front yard a makeover on a budget, it’s well worth using all of the handy landscaping tips listed above in order to give your front yard a brand new lease on life.


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