Reasons to use Corner Guards in Interior and Exterior Design


In the modern-day, interior designers and architects are using metal for safety and decorations. They use the finishing for protecting the walls from cracks and chipping. Modern homes are utilizing the metal corner guards in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. The simple option to décor is durable and robust for all kinds of building designs. There are numerous reason to install corner guards in-home or workplaces;

Acts as reinforcement to the wall corners

The corners at the wall are the first places prone to damage in a new home. It is vital to reinforce the parts to minimize the risk of damage. Guards will offer protection against dents, scratches, and cracks. Places with massive traffic of users and lots of movement to assets need this kind of property proofing. The corner guards make the wall corners resistant to the constant collision with movable items.

Offer Protection to walls in Industrial Places

Companies that engage in industrial work are in the constant movement of raw materials and machines. The walls are prone to damage when the heavy items hit against the walls. Corners guards protect the most vulnerable part of the wall. Industrial buildings are investing in the metal corner guards that offer strong protection to the building. It is an excellent investment to increase the value of a property and avoid frequent repair costs.

Prevents Injuries to Occupants

Corner guards offer protection to the wall from distractive children. On the other hand, the guards will protect the child from injury upon falling. Rubber corner guards are the ideal in proofing the house. It is a preventive measure if you have kids and pets at home. They are also suitable for places with high human traffic as people get in contact with the wall edges.

Protects the Wallpaper from peeling

Over time, wallpapers start peeling from the wall corners. Corner guards protect the corners at the wall from wear and tear that leads to the wallpaper peeling. It keeps the interior design last longer, thus reducing the cost of maintaining the wallpaper.

Prevent staining

Many people tend to touch the wall corners. The practice stains the wall and it is tasking to clean dirt off the paint. Corner guards are easy to clean and it is why restaurants use them in their interior design. Kitchens are ideal places for metal and wooden corner guards that are easy to clean and maintain.

Are Decorative

The wooden corner guards can have a beautiful texture to it. On the other hand, metallic ones offer a nice shiny finish to the wall. Using corner guards in home interior design gives a unique touch to the outlook in the room. Homeowners have the option of painting the corner guards to blend them with the interior décor and furniture.

A Variety of Materials to choose from

Every home and business environment can find the right fit for the corner guard to use. The component in interior design comes in a different type of material according to the need. They come in varying gauge and size. The most common materials in the industry are metal, rubber, synthetic, vinyl, and wood.

Saves money

Unprotected walls are prone to damage at home or the workplace. Corner guards aids in protecting the interior from the environment’s daily demands and activities. It costs less to install the guards than a complete renovation to the damaged space.

Most Spaces need protection

A lot of spaces in residential and commercial buildings are exposed to constant impact and force. Without protection, the impact will cause damage to the property. Places such as offices, restaurants, schools, and hospitals make use of equipment that causes an impact on the walls. Corner guards are a necessity in the interior design of such high traffic places.


Apart from safeguarding the life of your property and loved ones, corner guards will save you money in the long run.


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