10 Bathroom Tile Ideas You’ll Want To Steal


Many people spend a lot of time, effort, and fortune to decorate their bathrooms. Gone are the days when bathrooms were relegated to the back of the house and comprised nothing more than the most essential fixtures. 

Hotel and resort bathrooms are always great sources of inspiration. Some ooze with minimal sophistication, while others go crazy with colours and themes while still accomplishing the jaw dropping effect. Tiles and fixtures combine wonderfully to achieve a bathroom ambiance like no other.

Regardless of what you’re going after, here are some bathroom tile ideas to elevate your bathing space and turn it into a work of art.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #1: Stone Cladding

Considered as a decorative covering, wall cladding comprises the application of one material over the other. If natural stones are used, it is referred to as stone cladding, and it follows the same principle of putting a thin layer of stone or, in this case, tiles that simulate stone on another layer. Tiles from Limestone UK can provide you with designs that can make your rustic or vintage style bathroom a reality. Complement it with some rustic bathroom lighting from Furniture Fuse to complete the vibe.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #2: Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are also called glass tiles and are known for their intense colours that makes your design scheme vibrant. You can create your own eye-catching designs using the same colour palette or contrasting hues. Mosaic tiles can complement your bathtub, walls, and other bathroom fixtures. It can also become the centerpiece of your entire restroom. Mosaic tiles pique the visual interest of the observers. If you want to go extreme, cover your whole wall with tiles and even the small space between your basin and lavatory. Should you want to use mosaic tiles on your floor, use the anti-skip kind to avoid accidents. Head on to Mosaic Village for some tile designs and inspiration.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #3: Faux Wooden Tiles

Wooden floorings provide an overall luxurious feeling; bathroom included, but hardwood is costly and is not a practical material for a bathroom. You can still achieve wood-like flooring by using some wooden tiles. ToppsTiles has a huge variety of tiles made of ceramic or porcelain. It is quite similar to the usual hardwood floors but won’t cause too much dent in the budget. Note that wooden tiles are elongated in shape, similar to wood planks for that realistic look and feel.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #4: Over The Shower Tiles

Convert your bathroom into your very own spa and literally extend it over the edge. Extend your tile pattern up to your bathroom ceiling. The overhead design has two purposes – an artistic masterpiece for you while at the same time providing a layer from humidity.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #5: Patchwork Tiles

A patchwork of shapes, textures, patterns, and vibrant colours on just a single wall of your restroom can give extra character and personality to your comfort space. With patchwork tiles, there is no restriction on which tiles you can use. Combine mosaic tiles and limestone tiles with marble and granite for a sheer finish. These Mediterranean-influenced designs can create an interesting story.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #6: Wall Mural in the Shower

Have a theatrical and unique experience while having your shower by creating a mural in your shower using tiles. It can just be a simple floral mural, or you can take things further and go for an all-aqua theme. Kids will nag you for bath time when you incorporate some cartoon character inspired tiles like the ones in Zazzle.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #7: Contrasting Tiles

Make the most of the colour wheel and use contrasting colours to make a pattern. Try the classic with black and white tiles or work on a deep grey colour scheme – coordinated colours, when done right and with the correct colour choices, make an interesting design. You can base your colour scheme on the current palette of your furniture.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #8: Floral Fantasy

Turn your boring bathroom into a floral restroom by using floral tile accents. Pair them with subtle pastel or dark-coloured tiles so their design can really pop. Go for floral tiles that have texture on it. You can further create a floral centerpiece either on your floor or on one side of your wall. Florals are for both genders anyway, so it is a top choice for bathroom design ideas.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #9: 3D Shower Tiles

Texture accompanied by movement results in playful 3D bathroom tiles. Let your imagination take over and incorporate tiles of all sizes, styles, and shapes. Make your illusion a reality and get those 3D tiles from 3D Tiles UK and make every bathroom experience an interesting one.

Stolen Bathroom Tile Idea #10: Pastel and Candy Tiles

Suitable for the young female who spends half her time inside the bathroom, these tiles ooze freshness and youthfulness. Convert your traditional white tiled bathroom into a pastel, bubble gum sweetness haven. Pastel and girly looking tiles with little hearts and butterfly accents is just a pretty place to be.


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