Post COVID-19 Office Spaces


Although most people are currently working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems likely that a high percentage of people will return to the office at least in the coming months with many employers keen to have workers together in one location. So, what might this look like in the office as we emerge from the pandemic?

Socially Distanced Workspaces

One of the most important steps that employers need to take when it comes to the office is creating socially distanced workspaces. People need to be at least one metre away from one another, which will also be intelligent after the pandemic as it could reduce illness. Obviously, this is a challenge which is why many businesses may have to have some people WFH and some in the office and rotate.

Health & Safety

Health and safety will be critical as we emerge from the pandemic and business will want to do all that they can to provide a safe and healthy work environment for staff. Staying compliant with changing regulations will be vital and is likely to include things like proper ventilation, regular cleaning, availability of hand sanitiser and the use of contactless technology.

New Equipment & Technology

Following this point, businesses may need to invest in new equipment and technology that will enable them to carry out their operation safely. Many businesses have had to adapt as a result of COVID-19 which may require large investments in tech and equipment such as remote working tools, contactless solutions and augmented reality. This can obviously create a financial challenge, so a business cash advance could be a smart way to get the capital that you need to replenish the business for a post-COVID-19 operation.

Employee Management

Businesses will also need to consider the way in which they manage staff when they return to the office. It will create a challenge, but trying to enforce social distancing, reducing meetings and making sure that people are greeting each other in a safe manner will all be key moving forward.

It is likely that people will start to return to the office in the coming months even if this involves WFH a few days a week. Businesses need to take action to make sure that they are providing a safe work environment for their team so that they can protect the health of employees and the public as a whole – the above are a few changes that will need to be made to create a suitable office space for staff.


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