Do Driveway Decking Floor Add Value to Your Home?


Picking a home renovation project that can add value to your home can be challenging. For instance, some homeowners may be in a dilemma as to whether they should reroof their house or remodel their bathroom. One of the most frequently-done home improvement projects is the addition or renovation of a driveway decking floor to serve as a place to spend leisure time with loved ones or host a family gathering. 

Also, building a decking floor can increase the home’s resale value and aesthetics. 

There are many types of decking materials. The major types include the composite deck, vinyl and timber wood. In the UK many companies like Wicks UK, Ultradecking UK, Timbertech etc. are offering different kinds of composite decking supplies. Why are companies investing in the decking industry? Does driveway decking flooring add any value to a home?

What adds value to a home?

‘Now’ is always the best time to increase the value of your house. It shouldn’t always be when it is time to sell your house on the real estate market. There are several ways by which you can use to improve your home value. A popular way of home improvement is renovating and remodelling. Howbeit, there’s a caveat: Not every home remodelling or renovation project will boost the value of your home.

One factor that is worth considering before renovating or remodelling your home is the cost. Ensure that your home improvement projects are not very exorbitant or too expensive. Addition of deck and garden, minor renovation of bathroom and kitchen updates will undoubtedly boost your house value. 

A well-constructed decking floor will appeal to prospective home buyers. A good reason for building a deck is to earn high returns on investment. Since the addition of a decking floor is an affordable and easy project, there is always a high demand for decks in the real estate market. For instance, composite decks, known for its low-maintenance, durability and aesthetics, can tremendously increase your home’s value. 

Does adding a deck add value to your home?

The deck helps to extend the living space of every home. It serves as a conducive place for families and friends to get together have fun and relax. Decks also serve as a great place to host a large party or event, especially if your house interior is small. 

A deck is a perfect place for you to grill a barbecue or roast some ribs during the summer, light an outdoor firepit or drink coffee while reading a novel. The interior of your house may not accommodate a lot of activities because of lack of space, but a deck can exist for that purpose. 

Homebuyers tend to consider decks when picking a house. This is why decks are said to boost the resale value of any house. 

How Home Resale Values Compare Based on Deck Material

The deck material is an essential factor in finding out the cost recovery of your deck flooring project. The most popular types of deck materials are the composite and wood deck material. 

Wood Decks

Wood decks are very affordable and are frequently used in many homes for outdoor flooring projects. The inexpensiveness of the material is one of the main reasons for its popularity as home sellers yearn to recoup their investment. 

The fact remains that wood decks, though widely used, are inferior in quality. They are prone to damage due to inclement weather elements, pest attack and extreme temperature. Consequently, wood decks are high-maintenance and will require a lot of expenses in maintaining and retaining their beauty and value. 

If you stay in an environment with a lot of storms, rainfall and blizzard, wood decks will not be best for your home. Wood decks are undesirable for regions with extreme weather condition or temperature. It might be best to consider a wood deck option if you are planning to put your home up for sale immediately when the home improvement project is finished. 

Composite Decks

Composite decks are of more superior quality, much higher than wood decks, and costlier too. Composite decks may cost about 10% more than their wood counterpart. The reason is that composite materials are more reliable, durable and resilient than other decking materials. 

Composite decking has met widespread popularity in the real estate market. Composite decks are impervious to harsh weather conditions and fluctuating temperature. They are low-maintenance and very easy to clean. These features have made composite decks more appealing to many homeowners. 

Composite decks also have the benefit of durability, resilience and strength. They can last for decades. Hence, composite decking is the best decking material to raise the resale value of your home. Composite decks are eco-friendly because they are made from recycled materials.


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