5 Techniques to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient


There’s no denying that you feel like using your air conditioner on scorching summer days. But you also have to keep your electricity bills in mind. As many experts point out, the best way to make your AC energy-efficient is to maintain it from time to time. But what are the techniques to make your HVAC system energy-efficient? Let’s find out.

1. Clean the condenser unit

It’s not enough to clean the air filters inside your AC. You can search for an HVAC supply near me and find new filters to replace them if necessary but changing the condenser is too expensive. Ensure you clean the condenser unit at least thrice a year from the outside to make sure the AC works at its optimal best.

2. Increase your thermostat

Many studies suggest that adjusting temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees helps to save money and energy. You should notch the temperature down in winter and up in summer to make your AC energy-efficient. It is best to use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically according to the weather condition throughout the day. 

3. Insulate exposed ductwork

There are two reasons why an air conditioner may consume more energy: first, if the air filters are jammed with debris, and second if your room has exposed ductwork. In these cases, your AC has to put extra pressure on the condenser to cool the room down. And the more pressure it puts, the more energy it consumes. You should first make sure that a professional seals the unconditioned space so that air doesn’t leak from your room. If you know the areas, you can use UL 181-rated duct-sealing tape to fill them. You can also call a professional to use thick duct insulating material to cover the gaps.

4. Keep heat-producing appliances away

This concept is similar to the one with insulation. If there are heat-producing appliances near the air conditioner, it has to put more pressure to cool the room down. This means you will end up paying a higher electric bill than usual. Instead, keep the heat-producing appliance away. Or best, take them to another room. It will allow the AC to cool your room faster so that you don’t need to use it for hours every day.

5. Clean the drain line

While most people pay attention to cleaning the filters, it is also essential to clear the drain line. The easiest way to clean your drain line is by flushing a cup of chlorine bleach and rinsing it with a gallon of water. With a clear drain line, you now allow the air conditioner to work freely because it doesn’t have to deal with blocked drains anymore. Hence, it would not consume more energy than before.

These are some of the no-cost ways that can make your air conditioner energy-efficient. Try them and see the world of difference it makes to your energy bills, especially during the summer months when you need your AC the most.


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