Legal Ways to Get Paid Backlinks with Real Traffic


One of the most effective strategies for promoting your website is implementing backlinks. Most likely, today, there is not a single site owner left who does not know about this strategy. Also, everyone is well aware that a mistake with backlinks’ implementation can lead to search engines’ penalties.

How to avoid fines and get high-quality results? In this article, you will find the legal ways to get more backlinks, strengthen your SERP positions, and attract live and convertible traffic. Besides this, you can visit this link to learn more about how to buy backlinks for seo.


Backlinks and Their Role in Attracting Traffic

The essence of a backlink is that your link is referenced on another site with relevant and unique content. Often, blogs and sites with similar topics cooperate in exchanging such backlinks and thus, target audiences. Also, the backlinks from websites with a high domain authority are a vital component for effective SEO promotion.

Accordingly, the goal of each site is to create all the conditions to get included in the list of authoritative sites. The authority of a web resource means that you have something useful to offer to users.

However, your site’s authority score is not just about the availability, quality, and quantity of backlinks. User behavior, social sharing, and some technical aspects of your site are also important. But there is one caveat when it comes to backlinks. No matter how much you work on other factors in the context of SEO, you cannot achieve top results without them.

The Thin Line Between SEO Optimization Success and Failure

The pitfall in the backlink case is that you can quickly aggravate your situation by doing the wrong thing. Google is focused on providing a good user experience. For this reason, they will not allow those sites to reach the top that simply has links without real usefulness. This will work against the site owner by getting bad results with the search engines. 

It’s not a secret for search engines how SEO specialists work, so it’s effortless for them to track down so-called illegal actions. How can you get backlinks without the risk of getting banned? Let’s look at this further.

What Links Should You Use?

Before we start analyzing the ways to get backlinks, let’s talk about their essential characteristics. Here are a few points that a “working” link should have.

  • The usefulness of content: Every link you create should offer a great user experience. The content should be useful for the link to pass as a trustworthy one.
  • Authority: If you post backlinks on a “dead” site, your link will not carry any usefulness. If you post your link on authoritative sites, the link will accordingly be considered useful. For example, Google highly values ​​links from Forbes. This example allows you to understand the importance of choosing the right place for content placement.
  • Relevance to the target audience: If you are selling bridal bouquets, it is unlikely that a link surrounded by content on the topic of medical services will be useful. Opt for a web resource about preparing for the wedding, and such an approach will make a difference.
  • Correct link placement: The search engine should find your link without obstacles. If it isn’t surrounded by the necessary content, it will not carry value. But if it is placed either at the beginning or at the end of the text with relevant keywords – it will be effective. Your page with a link must be indexed by search engines; otherwise, it will not play any positive role.

How to Get Started Backlink Building

Now that you get an idea of ​​what links should look like, it’s time to talk and how to create them legally. You have several ways to solve this issue.

Manual Link Building

You can find sites that match your target audience and have a good reputation with the search engines. Next, you need to agree on the terms of content placement and create content that will meet not only the requirements of the partner’s site but also the passing criteria of search engines. Next, you will need to do this with at least ten reputable sites.

This method is legal and efficient, but very time consuming and even expensive. Many problems can arise here. For example, you have to wait for your content to be published, which can take a long time. There is also a risk that you will face scammers who will not publish your content at all or release it on some dead sites with no traffic flow.

Professionals-Assisted Backlinks Strategy Development

Today there are no barriers to use paid backlinks. Such companies offer to take algorithms, as mentioned above, into their own hands. The advantage of this method lies in that you do not waste your time but still get links to relevant and quality resources. Usually, companies have a base of quality resources that will provide live traffic, and they will be able to negotiate with a large number of sites. It will be much faster and cheaper than doing it yourself if you have no experience.

Which method to choose depends on you. It is easier for someone to work independently, while for others, cooperation with professionals seems a more attractive option. If you decide to deal with this issue on your own, do not forget to count in all the search engines’ relevant requirements.

The Final Words

Once you know the backlinks’ base building specifics, little is left. Decide how you will implement this part of the SEO strategy and start promoting your site to increase your rankings and the number of sales. 

Of course, implementing this strategy with the help of professionals is an excellent option. But if you trust yourself, it makes sense to try to do it, relying on your own expertise.


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