The Importance of Investing in Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies


Like any business, roofing companies rely on marketing to bring in new customers and keep their business growing and flourishing. And these days the best way to market a business is to go online. Yes there is still a place for traditional marketing like advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and so on. But those methods are rather scattershot, whereas a digital marketing campaign is more focused and targeted to people who will actually need your services.

There are many aspects to a digital marketing campaign, from designing an appealing website to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that get people to visit that website, but to get all of that you will need the roofing website design services of an experienced digital marketing agency. The agency will take care of all of your marketing to make sure that your online presence will help you to attract new customers and keep your business growing.

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Roofing Companies

It should come as no surprise that people tend to first look online to get what they need. Whether they are shopping for an item, making a reservation, or buying a plane ticket, the internet is their first destination. The same goes for when they are looking for various services, whether it is a lawyer, an electrician, or, yes, a roofing company. And as with everything, first impressions are important, which means that people will decide whether they will stay on a website or not very quickly.

The decision to stay or leave could be the difference between a new customer or one that got away. So it is vital that a roofing company has a great website and that people know about that website; digital marketing is the way to achieve both of those goals.

How Digital Marketing Works For Roofing Companies

Digital marketing is all about the marketing you do through online channels. The roofing company website is where it gets started, which is why it is so important, but there are many other online avenues that allow you to attract and interact with customers. These include social media platforms, email marketing, blog articles, profiles on directories like Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor, video marketing, and PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. You do not need to use all of these resources, but you should at least invest in a few of them.

Social media is great for giving your roofing company a more human touch since it allows you to address current and potential customers directly. Blog articles can provide visitors with useful information and help to establish you as an authority on the subject of roofing. Online directories are vital tools because customers who are serious about hiring a roofing company often look to those sites to find out more about the companies available to them. And PPC ads help to give a company a higher profile, but they have to be used carefully and judiciously otherwise they could backfire.

The Process of Digital Marketing For Roofing Companies

As stated earlier, it all starts with the website. The roofing company’s website needs to be attractive, easy to navigate, and it should load quickly. The website is likely to be a visitor’s first introduction to the roofing company so it needs to make a strong first impression. Great content is also a necessity because it needs to show the visitor what the roofing company has to offer and how it can help them.

Naturally, one of the most important elements of a good roofing website is the ability of users to communicate with the company. That means a chat function, a prominently displayed phone number, e-mail, and online forms. Not only should it be easy for the visitor to communicate with the company, but the company should respond promptly to any communication since swift response to customers helps to build trust and confidence.

Another extremely important aspect of a good website is that it should be accessible on mobile devices. This is called responsive design and it means that a website can adjust to fit and work well on any screen, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Many people use their phone to browse the web so a roofing website needs to work just as well on those devices as it does on a PC or laptop.

Attracting Visitors To the Website

It does not matter how great your website is if no one visits it, which is why a big part of digital marketing is getting your website noticed by the right people. That is where SEO comes in since it is all about getting websites to rank more highly on the results pages of search engines. That gives websites more visibility among the people searching for certain search terms. In the case of a roofing website, that means getting it to be among the first to show up when people search for certain keywords related to roofing.

There are other more detailed methods that are used to help websites rank more highly, such as link building and website optimization. You should speak to a representative from the digital marketing company to learn more about those methods and how they can help your website.

Use Digital Marketing to Help Your Roofing Company Thrive

Digital marketing is an efficient, efficacious, and cost-effective method of marketing that has a high return on investment. It can attract visitors to the roofing company’s website, which generates more leads, and can turn many of those leads into customers. There are many benefits and no disadvantages to using digital marketing, so get in touch with a digital marketing agency to learn how they can help your roofing company to thrive.


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