How to Find the Perfect Front Door

How to find the perfect front door

Homeowners looking to maximise the kerb appeal and value of properties can look to considerations from improvement experts when searching for the perfect front door. A front door is the face of any home and the first feature that visitors and passers-by will notice in a property, so ensuring yours delivers impact is key.

Whether you are looking to place your property on the market and want to increase its appeal to potential buyers, or simply wish to enhance your home’s security and energy efficiency – a new front door is a worthwhile investment to add value to your home. From style and colours, to materials and thermal efficiency, the home improvement experts at Stormclad have highlighted the main factors to consider when choosing a new front door to upgrade your property.

“A new front door can significantly transform the overall kerb appeal of a property, as well as providing added security and peace of mind. Choosing a front door with excellent energy efficiency can also drastically decrease the heat loss from your home, potentially saving you money on energy bills. Choosing a new front door for your home can seem somewhat daunting with so many options available, and as property experts with more than 20 years of experience, we have compiled a list of considerations to help you make the right decision for your home,” said Managing director of Stormclad, John Evans.

Here are five things to consider when choosing the perfect front door:


The easiest place to start when deciding which front door is right for your home is to choose a realistic budget. This will help you to narrow down the options that are available to you, as well as helping you prioritise what aspects of the front door are most important to you. For example, is improving your home’s security a top priority? Do you wish to find a bold and colourful style that is going to make your property’s exterior more attractive, or do you want something that offers both excellent functionality and kerb appeal?

Asking these questions initially will help to decide on a budget and do your research to find out what options are going to work best for you.


With hundreds of front door styles on the market, making the right choice can be challenging. There are, however, several styles you will encounter in your search which all fit into more streamlined categories – traditional, contemporary and ultra-modern. Each offer their own style and performance benefits, and the one you choose will depend on the design of your property. Traditional styles will suit character properties and cottages alike, and modern designs will compliment new-build and more contemporary style homes.

Consider choosing a front door which includes glass to increase the natural light into your property – doors with large or small rectangular panes, translucent or patterned glass, and even sidelight windows can make all the difference to natural light at the front of your home. It is important to browse different options before choosing a design that is bespoke to your needs, and considerations include – if a property is north or south facing, or if you have a wide or narrow entrance. All quality glass should meet British standards in terms of security. 


Materials are one of the most important considerations when browsing front door options, as different styles offer a variety of benefits and finishes. UPVC doors are strong, sturdy and can be easily customised, as are composite doors, which have an authentic wooden finish and do not require painting.

While traditional wooden doors are attractive and highly desirable, they do require more maintenance than other styles, with regular painting and varnishing recommended. They can also depreciate in harsher weather conditions over time, and are often less insulating than UPVC and composite option – so consider if you are willing to maintain the door in years to come to ensure that it lasts.


There is a growing trend for choosing a front door that has an unusual, striking or pastel colour – if you are feeling bold, a mustard yellow or vibrant teal can make a real impact to the exterior of your property. For something more subtle, pastel greens and blues can brighten the front of your home without being too excessive. If you are planning to sell your home, consider whether a bright colour may be off-putting to potential buyers – in which case, selecting a subtle or more traditional colour may be the right choice for you.

Consider if you are planning to paint the outside of your property in the near future, as this will help to determine the right colour to choose. Most UPVC and composite doors come in a range of colours and are customisable if there is a particular colour that you desire.

Energy efficiency

Preventing excess heat loss where possible in your home is so important, as you want to live comfortably and efficiently when it comes to energy bills. Poorly fitted, old or damaged front doors will allow heat to leak out through the sides and glazing – so choosing a quality, well-fitted door is key to preventing draughts.

Modern door styles can also ensure that your home stays cooler in the summer months, and this helps to balance the interior temperature to provide comfortable living conditions. All quality doors will meet performance standards and will be awarded with a ‘U’ value, rated on a scale from E to A ++ based on materials.


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