How to Select the Best Dock For Your Lake House


Lakeside living is the dream of most of us, with a dock part of the attraction of moving to a waterside home. Choosing docks for a property should be done with care and with decisions made that suit your region. Whether you have an aging entry to your body of water that needs to be replaced or is shopping for docks for the first time, you will need to follow some simple rules. The options to consider include your plans of use and the type of weather you face.

Consider your Plans

Before you start shopping for docks, you should take some time to decide what you plan on using your entrance to the water for. There are several reasons why this is a good option for you and your family, including the chance to enter the water safely. Mooring boats is not the only reason why you will want to install docks at your lakeside property. Swimming in a lake is safer when you have a properly installed entrance point to the water. Cabin Life reports the inclusion of a sundeck and ladders to allows easy access to the water are popular additions to docks around the U.S.

Other reasons why you could want to install docks at your property include having a secure location for fishing. Enjoying the ease of access to the water for fishing, photography, and access to the water provided by docks can add value to your lakeside home. Homeowners looking for a place to moor and store a boat need to make sure the chosen addition is long enough to house your chosen boat.

Consider Rules and Regulations

There are many rules and regulations at lakes around the nation regarding the installation of different docks. If you have chosen to live at a lakeside home in a private community your choices are limited by HOA rules. The rules and regulations at private lakes cover many areas, from size to construction materials, with floating designs the most popular.

State and local regulations can change the way you approach the construction process. In some areas, you can ask a neighbor or your realtor about the rules of living on the lake. A call to the local government will improve your chances of avoiding problems when you apply for a permit to start construction.

What Type of Dock to Choose?

Once you have decided why you are looking at docks and what type you can install, your attention should turn to the options you can choose. The first option is the floating dock, which is popular in areas of the country where the water levels of a lake fluctuate by a large amount. Floating docks are used in lakes where the bottom is mud and unstable. Deepwater lakes are the site of floating docks because of the difficulty of installing other types, according to Cottage Life.

The most expensive option for you to install at your lakeside home are permanent docks. These are expensive because of the difficulty of installation that must be carried out by a qualified professional. Permanent docks are a good option for parts of the nation where there is little risk of ice. Damage can be caused by the buildup of ice around permanent docks that shifts the metal frame drilled into the bottom of the lake.

Other options to consider include pipe options built from aluminum materials. These docks are popular because they are constructed in straight lengths. Pipe docks can be constructed with sundecks and entertaining areas that suit your needs.

In parts of the nation where ice and snow are a problem, you need to consider the use of lift-up docks. Docks are installed in areas where ice and snow are a problem requiring the ability to be winched out of the water each winter and their deck removed.

Think about the Shoreline

The shoreline around your lakeside property plays a role in any decision you make regarding the installation of docks and other additions. Some construction specialists use their skills to create a permanent base on the shoreline to ease the installation process. The installation of a stone wall on the shoreline of your lakehouse will make it easier to install docks of any form held firmly in place with a metal plate. The use of a metal plate is a good option for those areas where a lift-up structure is desired.

A qualified construction expert will examine your property to make sure the correct choice is made for the type of docks you are considering. A long, sandy beach allows experts to install several kinds of docks that are placed permanently. The choice between different docks is one that needs to be explored in detail before a final decision is made about your property. Choosing between different docks is made simple when you are sure about the options working best for your needs.


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