What It’s Really Like To Drive A Truck For A Living


For some, the life of a trucker is one they could never reconcile with; it’s demanding, tiring, you’re away from home for days, perhaps weeks at a time, and some would say it’s not great for your health either. 

Others look at truckers with envy, loving the idea that they can have complete solitude as they work, enjoy a great deal of flexibility, and get paid well for the privilege. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a truck driver, it’s wise to work out which of these two camps you fall into – or rather, which of these two camps is correct. In truth, there is a little bit of accuracy on both sides, which is why trucking isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out if it might be for you. 

Early Starts And Long Days 

If you like driving, and you’re able to do it for long stretches at a time, you may be well suited to the trucking lifestyle. Truck drivers often work 70-hour weeks (over eight days, that is). You can’t, of course, drive for more than 11 hours each day, and you have to have a 10-hour break each night. This means some early starts to get in enough driving hours, especially if you need to get to a destination before it closes for the night. 

Although this might seem like a hardship, the fact that, to some extent (and certainly if you’re freelance), you are free to run your own schedule as long as you stick to the rules is always a benefit, and having to take 34 off between working weeks also means that you can have plenty of downtime. 

Beautiful Views 

Even if you’re going to be in the cab of your truck for a number of hours each day, the fact that you can enjoy some of the most stunning views from an elevated position means that you really can enjoy every second. For some, driving is a bore and something that they will only do when they absolutely have to, but for a truck driver, it’s a pleasure. 

Driving a truck is much more enjoyable today than it has ever been. With so much automation and driving tools included in each vehicle, and so much attention to detail given to the design (the designers know that those using these trucks will be sitting in them and driving for long periods of time, and often sleeping in them too, not to mention cooking and eating), driving a truck can be a highly comfortable experience. 

In High Esteem 

Truck drivers are often held in high esteem. There is something exciting about them, especially as they can see so much of the country and experience so many things as they go about their daily work. There are even specialist truck accident lawyer companies that will help truckers if they are involved in an accident, as well as a national appreciation week. 

If you like the idea of always having a story to tell and of being appreciated wherever you go, maybe the life of a trucker will suit you perfectly. 


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