Kite packaging have expanded their range of vacuum, bagging, and shrinking equipment.


Kite Packaging is one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers and the only employee-owned business of its kind within its sector. They have a broad team of in-house experts who are constantly bringing new and improved packaging solutions to market, with the latest being a focus on their range of vacuum, bagging and shrinking equipment.

Vacuum sealer

Operating slightly different from vacuum chambers, vacuum sealers are operated different in that the bags are placed externally to the machine rather than inside it; air is then removed, and the bag is sealed, all of which is done outside of the machine. Particularly useful when packs need to be packaged in a certain way.

Available in 3 different seal bar lengths 520mm, 720mm and 1020mm, they are suitable to accommodate a variety of different sized goods and can be purchased with a range of accessories to improve efficiency.

Shrink hoods

Designed to speed up packaging lines by providing both a heat and shrinking method in one unit, they are a quicker alternative to heat shrink guns or standard desk top sealing. Commonly used for products such as retail, as the clear wrap displays items professionally and is secure and tamper-proof. Available in the range are shrink hood chambers, suitable for smaller volume operations and shrink hoods, suitable for larger sized operations and shrink hood tunnels, which can be used in conjunction with the shrink hood machines to reduce time and labour time.

Bagging machines

Bagging machines are automated solutions designed to speed up the filling and sealing process and are suitable for a variety of products. They give consistency to your operations and reduce labour time. Typically used in conjunction with a conveyor or packing bench for speed and efficiency, we have two options available in the range to suit various operations.

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