The Golden Rules When It Comes To Finding Work on the Internet


If you’re using the internet to look for a job then you’re a very small fish in an incredibly large pond. With so many people on the internet these days, any listing on a popular job site is going to get swarmed with thousands of applications. Whether or not these people are qualified doesn’t matter–it’s more applications that will end up competing with your own. There’s even a chance that the company is just going to pick the first person that seems qualified enough for the job. They’re not going to comb through every single cover letter and there’s a small chance that they’ll contact you.

Sadly, things have gotten even harder due to the pandemic. Finding work certainly wasn’t easy before and it’s definitely getting harder as the days go by. Thankfully, there are a couple of golden rules when it comes to finding work on the internet that will help you uncover new opportunities.

Look at job boards for specific industries

Instead of just looking at a generic job board, it’s a good idea to look at job boards for specific industries as well. For instance, if you’ve got experience in driving trucks and logistics, then you can search for trucking work on specific websites instead of a general job board. The same goes for writing and other creative talents. You can look on job boards that are made specifically for creative freelancers, or you can even look at the careers page of various businesses to see if they’re recruiting.

Consider using social media to search for opportunities

These days, there are many businesses that use social media as a free way to get exposure for new job openings. If you follow specific types of businesses or people on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, then there’s a good chance that companies will post about job listings. You can follow the links that they post, or you can contact them directly on the social media platform or via email to enquire about the job opening. You don’t get opportunities on social media every day, but it’s a great place to set notifications and alerts so you can check it every now and then.

Don’t just sit and wait for opportunities to come to you

You need to be a lot more active when it comes to finding work. Don’t just post your resume on a website and hope that someone sees it. Don’t just post a listing on a website like Fiverr then hope that work comes in. You need to be more active and you need to start pushing yourself out there to get noticed. If you market yourself as a competent worker, then you’re more likely to find job opportunities.

There are lots of different flexible working opportunities these days and it’s important to understand where you can find work. Don’t just look at typical job boards–there are hundreds of other places to search for work and it’s up to you to be more active when looking for a job.


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