6 Casinos With the Most Beautiful Design


Today there are a huge number of gambling establishments in the world, but everyone can come in and play cards, roulette or slot machines without leaving the computer. So how do you get people to come back to the real world? You can entice people wanting to see firsthand the colorful halls and unprecedented luxury, which even the sheiks did not dream of. On the beauty and grandeur of today’s casinos, we are now going to talk to you. The more so because these giant architectural embodiments really amaze you with their luxury, unusual and daring designs, they can not leave you indifferent to themselves.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Casino de Monte Carlo is a jewel in Monaco and the richness of its interior is exquisite; onyx columns, frescoes and marble work add to its grandeur. You’ll not only enjoy your favorite games of blackjack, craps and roulette but also the ballet and opera stars that have performed here for over 100 years.


The Bellagio, which was opened over 15 years ago, was of course a large-scale casino on a grand scale at the time. The casino has two hundred tables for every kind of game, from roulette to blackjack. In addition to the casino, the building functions as a hotel complex with three thousand nine hundred and thirty-three rooms, all of them richly decorated. But that’s not all! It is, shall we say, its own little town, as here you will find – boutiques and fashionable stores, restaurants and bars. At Bellagio casino, there is a posh pool with a fountain under the pleasant sound of which you can rest and relax, of course after the exciting game. The water is wonderfully soothing and relaxing.

Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao can rightly be called the Chinese Las Vegas, as its hall can seat over twenty thousand people and it hosts world-famous poker tournaments. The hotel complex has three thousand luxurious rooms, there are stores and everything, but the most interesting and is a highlight of Venetian Macao – a miniature Venice with floating gondolas on the canals.

Marina Bay Sands

Many tourists want to see this amazing building in Singapore, although the casino opened relatively recently, in 2011. But most likely the tourists are attracted not by the fact to play the slot machines, and there are two thousand of them! There are 500 gaming tables and even video poker. Tourists are attracted by the incredible beauty and uniqueness of the hotel complex with 2500 rooms and a terrace on the fifty-fifth floor with a total area of one hectare! Not only does this terrace offer a magnificent view over the whole of Singapore, so there are cafes and nightclubs, and most importantly the pool and not just a pool, and the illusion that you’re swimming in the sky!


Baden-Baden in Germany was opened in 1809. Of course it’s not as huge and pompous as other modern casinos but Baden-Baden is as beautiful and luxurious as they are. Here you can recharge your adrenaline by playing American and French roulette and other no less gambling. Basically this casino is also considered to be the most expensive, but then again do not get upset if you can not go there, there is online roulette, which will give you the opportunity to feel like a customer of this legendary Baden-Baden.

Circus Circus Casino

The casino building houses a circus. It is also known for its themed entertainment center. But that’s not all. Circus Circus Casino is associated with the James Bond movie. The building itself is similar to the circus arena. Guests will be able to watch the acrobats flying over the heads of the audience, see the numbers performed by beautiful gymnasts, strongmen and jugglers. 


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