An Online Home Sale System for the Modern House Owner


Thanks to many changes in society as a whole, there are very few people who still have any patience. Everyone expects everything instantly or at least quickly. This is because we don’t have to wait for many things. You can instantly stream almost any movie or song directly to your phone in a moment. This availability to get instant gratification has changed the way many industries handle business.

The Traditional Way to Sell a Home

Until recently most people sold their homes by using a real estate agent. When you sell your home in the traditional way you contact a real estate agent and they come out to look at your home and make suggestions for repairs and improvements that can make the house sell for a larger amount and quicker than it would if sold as-is. A realtor makes a commission of the sales amount so they will encourage you to do a lot of work for your home to increase the value before placing it on the market.

Once you finish paying for all the work the realtor will have pictures of the home taken and list it on MLS. MLS the system relators use to post all homes that are for sale. Then it is a waiting game there is no way to know how long the home will sit on the market before it sells or if it will ever sell. There is also no way to know for sure how much the home will sell for and once it finally sales you still have to subtract several other fees. You will need to account for your realtor’s commissions, closing cost, all the money you spend to keep your home on the market, and all the repairs you made. 

The New Way to Sell a Home

There are now companies online that allow you to sell your home from the comfort of your couch. When you choose to use one of these companies, you will not have to make any repairs or improvements to your home. You simply go to the companies website and provide them with your address and they will do the rest of the work. Most of these companies will have you cash offers to buy your home within a week.

These companies do their research on your home and find out what it would sell for in perfect condition. They then advise several investors that they work with the condition of your home and the possible value. These investors then compete with offers to buy your house and the company sends those offers to you. If you chose to accept an offer you can close quickly and you get one hundred percent of the selling price in your pocket.

Sundae is a great example of one of these companies. When you chose them to help you sell your house they can give you a guaranteed timeline and a guaranteed amount of profit. The traditional way of selling a home does not allow for either of these to be a sure thing. This makes selling your home with companies like Sundae a great choice for someone who hates the unknown. If you enjoy a gamble maybe the traditional way is right for you but knowing you can walk away with money sooner than later is always an attractive offer.

Now that you know companies like Sundae offer a new way to sell your home online, it is time for you to look into the process. You can get offers on your home without making any kind of commitment to make the sale. This will allow you to at least see what you could walk away with without sinking any more money into your home. Look into one of these companies so that you can know what your options are and maybe have your house sold faster than you thought was even possible.


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