How to Choose the Right Type of Brick


There is much more that goes into a building than its design. Choosing the right type of brick is crucial as it adds to the structure’s aesthetic beauty and effect. You need to take the utmost care and attention when deciding the type of bricks you want. Eventually, it can prove extremely costly if as an architect, your client doesn’t like the aesthetics you choose for their building after a few years.

Are you among those who think brick is a brick? There is more to choosing a brick than what the ordinary homeowner thinks. This article will look at brick selection, choosing your brick colour, and the mortar variations.

In reality, there is more to bricks – facing bricks or engineering bricks. Once you know about this, you can decide on the right brick for your building.

Brick Selection

Brick selection is the first and most important aspect of our building construction. Here, you can choose between facing bricks and engineering bricks. The particular type you choose would depend on your location and budget. For instance, if you want a more water-resistant type of brick, the best option would be engineering brick. However, for an aesthetic effect on your wall or building, facing brick will serve that purpose.

Furthermore, if you decide to use facing bricks, you also have to choose from soft mud or extruded bricks. For engineering bricks, you can opt to use either class A or B engineering bricks. All of these come in different colours and shapes. Nevertheless, for a smoother and smarter brick, you can use machine-produced extruded brick.

Choosing Brick Colour

We have building bricks of different colours for you to choose from. Besides the stress of selecting the right brick, you also need to find the perfect colour to match your building. For most people, a major consideration is the colour and texture of bricks. To help you, here are a few colours to choose from for your building project.

Your location would depend on the brick colour you choose. For instance, in London, yellow bricks are common, whereas deeper reds are used in north England. However, those in the Midlands usually use an orange tone colour.

Mortar Variations

The particular mortar you use would depend on the project and the design specification. Mortar r of different types such as N, O, S, and M. Each of these have specific areas where you would use them. For instance, they are used below grade, manholes, sewers, and retaining walls for mortal type S. You need to ascertain the project you are working on to determine the mortar type you choose.


The choice of brick for a building project can make the project a success or failure. If you choose the wrong brick, it could spell a resounding failure. Selecting a brick is beyond the colour and size; you also have to determine the type of brick to use for your project. With MGN Builders Merchants online store, you can get a variety of facing bricks for your building. Interestingly, you have everything within the swap of your finger.


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